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You are invited to discover the images I have seen through my viewfinder, ranging from in-camera ICMs and purely abstract post-processing that require stamina to understand, to minimalistic and aesthetical images which may be slightly easier to digest.

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Lots to discover

On this home page you will find recently shot images and themes in a variety of styles plus a plug-in that shows the latest 9 posts on Instagram. Just move your mouse over the image or touch and the image's colour is revealed. Every image can be clicked on to show more within the same theme. Ideas, reactions, comments, critique? At the bottom you will find a button. Happy surfing!

Glass art

Nijmegen (NL)

Radboud UMC glass art Tanja Smeets

Published 8 Sep 2023
In the lobby to Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Tanja Smeets is exhibiting her 'Glass garden', a metal grid standing 5 metres tall consisting of 3 towers of 800 glass blocks, with 250 sculptures inside. I used the transparant ones to shoot through them and make abstract impressions of the hall which is 5 stories high.


Amster&dam (NL)

Reflections in Amsterdam canal

Published 5 Nov 2023
An oldie, revived because of the ICM Network 'Colour Synergy' theme I am currently experimenting with in post-processing. Six variations on a theme.

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Vlissingen (NL)

Zeeuws Museum exhibition

Published 15 Aug 2023
In this website, I have not separated my experimental and abstract images from my straight photography. This series was made at Zeeuws Museum using a Slow Shutter app on my iPhone.
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Gua­tiza (E)

Plane trees at road through Guatiza Lanzarote

Updated 4 Dec 2023
Barks of plane trees (platanus) at Guatiza, Lanzarote. If you're sensitive to pareidolia, as I am, you might recognise some animals in them.


Dordrecht (NL)

Vases in musuem shop Dordrecht

Published 20 Jul 2023
Dordrecht Museum shop, shot with Slow Shutter app.

Subtropical plants

Mala (E)

Leaves Dragon Tree

Updated 27 Nov 2023
Cuttings and shavings from a dragon tree with various backgrounds, created with ICM.
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Advanced Track Day

Assen (NL)

Annual advanced track day at Assen's TT-circuit

Published 12 Oct 2023
Club Renault Sportives held its annual track day at Assen's TT-circuit and I was invited to capture the activities.
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La Oliva (E)

Steel rusty sheet at restaurant ADM

Updated 6 Dec 2023
My usual visit to the skating community in Fuerteventura. This time I met an group of Italian skaters, who focused on tricks, difficult to catch as the tricks were done at the top of the rink. Plus an approximately 7-year-old learner. In Corralejo Swedish Svante was prepared to show me his skills.

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Wolf­hezer­heide (NL)

Rural track and gate autumn Wolfheze

Updated 11 Nov 2023
The Facebook ICM Photomagazine page is strictly for members. This is my latest post, a rural gate at Wolfhezerheide. Clicking shows 2 more posts. If you're registered, you can visit this Facebook page and see what other members have created.
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