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Welcome to my portfolio

Scroll down to see fresh entries or use the menu above to find the themes that appeal to you. At the bottom you can see my latest Instagram posts (you won't need an account). Warning: I'm in my impressionist period now.

I added comments on every set of images to offer some background (click on the square icon to fill any screen type). Any observation from your side: more than welcome ☺. Enjoy!

Three activities that have played an important part in my life have come together in this website: photography, web design and my love for English (I'm not trying to be perky here, I chose to translate my website into English as most of my visitors are non-Dutch speaking).

Photography is what makes me tick. I noticed that my work is getting more and more abstract. Inspired by having visited more museums in the past five years than in my entire life? Most certainly. Changed because I am getting older? Definitely.

With techniques such as ICM and blur aided by post-processing I try to make images that are different and grab the attention. If they don't, I am truly sorry. But there's also plenty of tradional photography. Don't worry.

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Sit back, relax and scroll through my site. Yes, a lot of it is abstract, I'm sorry. 24 mm, 2.0 sec @ f/22.

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ICMs taken from a long distance of two skyscrapers and furthermore Delftse Poort (to the right) and Marriott (to the left), Markthal, Central Station et cetera.

--- 27 Oct 2022, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 architecture ---

Visiting Boijmans Depot

--- 26 Oct 2022, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Drentsche AA

Autumnal impressions.

--- 19 Oct 2022, Zeegse (NL) ---

Assen Circuit

I invited myself to do some sports photography at Club Renault Sportives' Advanced Track Day. Fortunately the weather was just perfect for my purposes.

--- 18 Oct 2022, Assen (NL) 👁 more assen ---


One of these quaint white villages in Andalucía. A view of the village, a tree and an abstracted door I saw in the main street.

--- 7 Oct 2022, Gaucín (E) ---

Meditteranean impressions

The light kissing the waves was eerie early this morning. Possibly some sand from the Sahara passing by. Plus some palm impressions from around the corner of my apartment, and an ICM/ME from the city of Estepona. Bit of a mishmash or a hodgepodge, if you like. I agree. Sorry.

--- 3 Oct 2022, Estepona (E) ---

Last summer flowers

Some Cosmea from the garden saved in a tiny vase and a painting by Salvadar Dalí that I made an ME (multiple exposure) of. Both pictures were printed on a paper texture.

--- 13 Sep 2022, Est (NL) ---

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Visiting Bruges

Just can't get enough of city trips, this time to Belgium, visiting museums, churches, exhibitions, the Concertgebouw and above all enjoying the food.

--- 4 Sep 2022, Bruges (B) 👁 more bruges ---

Visiting Arnhem

And once more an outing to one of the Dutch museums - this time Museum Arnhem that sports a collection of works around environmental matters - and a local bookshop.

--- 17 Aug 2022, Arnhem (NL) ---

Sunflower fantasy

The first result of the Slow Shutter App on my phone. A bunch of sunflowers my sister-in-law gave us was used as the basis.

--- 15 Aug 2022, Est (NL) ---

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ICM PhotoMag

For the second time this year, my images will be published in ICMPhotoMag, a leading magazine on ICM photography. The subject of this topic article will be 'Pictures at an Exhibition'. Pre-orders for the single-issue copy are now available at -

--- 14 Aug 2022, Est (NL) ---

Museum Jan and Cobra Museum

Saskia Boelsums' work in the form of a selection of outstanding landscapes was exhibited at Museum Jan, apart from ceramics and glass objects. Reason enough to visit this unexpectedly large museum with shops and restaurants around the corner. Seven minutes from there, right in the middle of Amstelveen, we also visited Cobra Museum featuring Corneille's and Moroccan work including a humorously constructed mobile.

--- 12 Aug 2022, Amstelveen (NL) ---

Singer Laren

Just a quick impression.

--- 9 Aug 2022, Laren (NL) 👁 more people at an exhibition ---

Images from Tiel

I just felt like going to this small city nearby for a few hours, and shot whatever I came across. The 'Zinder', which is a spectacular building near the centre, some gulls and the unavoidable scooter.

--- 5 Aug 2022 Tiel (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Water lily

Quite close to where the Royal family has a summer residence, a small museum 'Belvedère' was built right across the canal that leads to it. I shot this having lunch in the restaurant (the museum's 😉).

--- 17 Jul 2022, Oranjewoud (NL) ---

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Every time we're in the east of the Netherlands, we'll drop by at Museum More (Museum for Modern Realism) to take a peek at this private collection. All 24 mm, between 1.0 - 2.0 sec @ f/8 - f/22. At the beginning and the end of the slideshow, you'll find composed images of Kasteel Ruurlo, trying my hand at the Pep Ventosa technique.

--- 17 Jul 2022, Gorssel (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Fabrique des Lumières

Hallucinating combination of innovative digital projection and the art by Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser at unique location 'Fabrique des Lumières' near Westergasfabriek. All images 24 mm @ ISO 1600.

--- 26 Jun & 27 Jul 2022, Amsterdam (NL) 👁 more icm ---

MCC Geldermalsen

The wind carried motocross noises to my house, so I decided to take a peek. What I saw threw me back to the seventies. Images between 1/30 and 0.5 sec @ ISO 200.

--- 29 May 2022, Geldermalsen (NL) 👁 more motocross ---


Sweet Peace, where dost thou dwell? I humbly crave,
Let me once know.
I sought thee in a secret cave,
And ask'd, if Peace were there,
A hollow wind did seem to answer,
No: Go seek elsewhere …

George Herbert (1593-1633), 'Peace'.

--- 5 Mar 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

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ICM PhotoMag

In November 2020, I started to concentrate on ICM as a form of photography art. In June 2022, I will be one of the featured photographers in a leading magazine on ICM photography, ICM PhotoMag. It makes me feel proud and excited. Pre-orders for the single-issue copy are now available at -

--- 14 May 2022, Est (NL) ---

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Amsterdam canals


--- 26 Feb 2022, Amsterdam (NL) 👁 more reflections ---