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Welcome to my portfolio

Scroll down to see new images in chronological order or use the menu above to find the themes that appeal to you. At the bottom you can see my latest Instagram posts (you won't need an account). Warning: I'm in my impressionist period now.

I added comments on every image to offer some background. Any observation from your side: more than welcome ☺. Enjoy!

Three activities that have played an important part in my life have come together in this website: photography, web design and my love for English (I'm not trying to be perky here, I chose to translate my website into English as most of my visitors are non-Dutch speaking).

Photography is what makes me tick. I noticed that my work is getting more and more abstract. Inspired by having visited more museums in the past five years than in my entire life? Most certainly. Changed because I am getting older? Definitely.

With techniques such as ICM and blur aided by post-processing I try to make images that are different and grab the attention. If they don't, I am truly sorry. But there's also plenty of tradional photography. Don't worry.

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There are many greeneries in the area we live, and what I appreciate is that they always try to make their technical appliances less conspicous by blending it in with the direct surroundings.

--- 9 June 2021, Est (NL) ---

Technical appliance

Minimal (2)

Same line of trees in front of our house, movement straight upwards. Exposure 1,5 sec @ F/22 at 105 mm, 6-stopper.

--- 23 May 2021, Est (NL) ---

Row of trees

City Bridge

The city of Kampen is proud of its City Bridge, a lifting bridge with high towers that are reminiscent of the centuries' old towers in the city itself. Exposure 1/10 sec @ F/45 at 300 mm.

--- 8 June 2021, Kampen (E) 👁 more architecture ---

City Bridge at Kampen


Sitting on the dock of the bay, yes, it does make your mind wander. This is Kampen's port, full of sailing-boats and old vessels that do leave a trail of oil behind ...

--- 8 June 2021, Kampen (NL) 👁 more reflections ---

Harbour at Kampen

Reflections (2)


--- 8 June 2021, Kampen (NL) ---

Kampen G'woon


At Kröller-Muller Sculpture Park, you can borrow red bikes as the area is quite extensive. They have been equipped with grey kiddy's seats. Exposure 0,5 sec @ F/22 at 64 mm.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) ---

Bicycles at Kroller-Muller

De Hoge Veluwe

Landscape as seen at nationaal park De Hoge Veluwe, from the road between Otterlo en Schaarsbergen. Exposure 1,5 sec @ F/27 at 229 mm.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more icm ---

De Hoge Veluwe

Green, green grass

Simple, straightforward upward movement, nevertheless, this is a beautiful tree. Exposure 1/30 sec @F/22, 105 mm.

--- 7 juni 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Tree at Kroller-Muller sculpture garden

Green, green grass (2)

A back-lit threesome of trees, shot at Kröller-Muller's sculpture garden. Exposure 1/20 @ F/22, 105 mm.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Park Kroller-Muller

Impressionist view of sculpture garden

This is a single tree plus some sort of a bush in the same colour. I applied a wavy movement. Exposure 1,5 sec @ F/13 @ 176 mm, ISO 200.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) ---

Row of trees

Double breasted

One of the striking aspects when you walk into the Royal Gardens at Paleis Het Loo, is the double line of trees, the Colonnade, leading you to the pond. Exposure 0,5 sec @ F/38 @ 135 mm, ISO 200.

--- 6 June 2021, Apeldoorn (NL) ---

Row of trees

Guy ropes

Cornelius Rogge pitched up a series of tents in the sculpture garden as far back as 1975. The colour of the canvas matches the trees in the surroundings. Exposure 1/8 @ F/22 at 85 mm.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Tents by Cornelius Rogge

Surreal woods

Made at the Sculpture Garden at Kröller-Muller. Exposure 1,5 sec @ F/11 @ 135 mm.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) ---

Trees along the street

Royal fountain

The gardens of Paleis Het Loo, which is a royal palace in spite of its name, is currently being restored. I found the spray of this baroque fountain interesting.

--- 6 June 2021, Apeldoorn (NL) ---

Fountain at Paleis Het Loo

Royal gardens

Rhododendrons all over the place. We made a walk around the Royal Gardens.

--- 6 June 2021, Apeldoorn (NL) ---

Paleis Het Loo

The dunes

This is a blurred image from one of the high dunes at Scheveningen on a more or less cloudy day.

--- 05 June 2021, Den Haag (NL) 👁 more blurred ---


Row of trees in the evening light

Yes, I'm 'into trees' at the moment. Can't help it. Exposure 4 sec @ F/16, 83 mm, 6-stopper. Movement going upwards and then holding still.

--- 1 June 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Close-up of cat

Threesome (2)

Quite close to our home, a threesome of trees now bearing some foliage. In-camera image taking 2 seconds @ F/38, focal length 300 mm. I moved upwards following the trunks, then stopped to register the foliage.

--- 29 May 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

ICM image of a rose, multiple exposure

Row of trees

The green of the trees is getting dominant in nature now. I tried to go after the pastel water colourish tones and get an impressionist image. Exposure 2 sec @ F/27, 70-300 mm @ 300 mm, movement upwards with a light glide to the left.

--- 28 May 2021, Est (NL) ---

Row of trees

Country road in the evening light

For just a few minutes, the sun appeared from behind the clouds after a day of rain, thunder and lots of cloud. Straight out of the camera using a jiggly movement, 4 sec, F/11, 24-105 mm @ 34 mm, H&Y 64.

--- 19 May 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Narcissus along a ditch

Cow's parsley and an old willow

They were mown down this week, those beautiful etheric fairy-like weeds, shame though, but I understand why that has to be done. Nevertheless, I've still got the picture. Exposure 1 sec @ F/13 @ 70 mm.

--- 2 June 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Dreef in Est


From a slightly different angle earlier in the day, this is the same ditch with buttercups as the one above, the movement was different though: 1,5 sec upwards twice stopping during exposure.

--- 12 May 2021, Est (NL) ---

Rapeseed along a ditch


Will we be on foreign beaches again for a walk in the evening or a morning stroll, this summer or autumn? I love Sicily. This is a minimalistic image of the Sicilian south coast.

--- 29 Oct 2018, Santa Maria de Focallo (I) ---

Beach at Santa Maria de Focallo