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My portfolio

Welcome! Three activities that have played an important part in my life have come together in this website: photography, web design and my love for English (I'm not trying to be perky here, I chose to translate my website into English as most of my visitors are non-Dutch speaking).

Scroll down this page to see my latest posts or use the menu above to find the themes that appeal to you. I added comments on every image to offer some background. Any observation from your side: more than welcome.

Enjoy ☺ !


Stirred by the wind, moved by me.

--- 17 Jan 2021, Teguise (E) 👁 icm ---

Leaf of a palm

Rhode Island Red

Which appears to be the name of this hen. Beautiful creature, doesn't make any sound, a star in just sitting there and doin' nothing. This picture is featured in the Textures issue of AbstractAZZI and was published on my own website on 4 November 2020.

--- 16 Jan 2021, Neerijnen (NL) ---

Rhode Island Red at Kasteeltuin Neerijnen

Sheer power

Fountains of spray, deafening sound when the winds are easterly and the waves are crashing on the rocky coast.

--- 15 Jan 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

La Garita beach at Arrieta Lanzarote

A hard life

There's a Platanus x hispanica near my favourite coffee bar. It's more than 30 years old and its roots have absolutely nowhere to go: it's asphalt, cobblestones, the expansion of the coffee bar that keeps the rain away from its roots. And it shows. Its bark is a painting.

--- 15 January 2021, Guatiza (E) 👁 textures ---

Platanus x hispanica Guatiza Lanzarote

Volcanic landscape

A grey sky subdued the colours of this image. The white arches look like a flock of sheep, but they're houses in the shape of the movement I made. Shutter speed 1/8 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, full frame, unfinished circular movement.

--- 11 Jan 2021, Guatiza (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

ICM image of Mala with volcanic backdrop

Stormy weather

This boat needs a capable pilot that leads it to quieter waters.

--- 3 Jan 2021, Arrecife 👁 icm ---

Boat in San Gines Lagoon at Arrecife

Volcanic colours

Especially when the sun is on and off, you get great contrasts in the volcanic colours. But today was cloudy and the shades get even more subtle. The ICM makes the village look like little sailboats.

--- 10 Jan 2021, Mala (E) 👁 icm ---

ICM image of Mala with volcanic backdrop

Spring flowers

Lanzarote has seen a lot of rain in November and January, which is quite unusual. The upside is that the fields are covered with little yellow flowers.

--- 09 Jan 2021, Venegueta (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Spring flowers in the fields around Venegueta

Volcanic landscape (2)

Near Mala there's a ridge of volcans with colours that are even captivating in the rain. I shot this from the car with my side window open and got wet nevertheless.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Mala (E) 👁 icm ---

Volcanic hills near Mala


Moss covered steps and clear water. From here you're supposed to jump into the ocean.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Punta Mujeres (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Harbour at Punta Mujeres Lanzarote

'Let's get the car'


--- 3 Jan 2021, Arrecife (E) 👁 colourful canaries ---

Pigeons in the centre of Arrecife


Uga is a lovely village that is situated between the wine region La Geria and Timanfaya National Park.

--- 1 Jan 2021, Uga (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

View on Uga Lanzarote


It's been an absurd year and first I thought of using the reflection of a few days ago to close off the year, or a putting a cactus here and explain who's earned to get one. But I decided not to. Too much has already been said about 2020. Instead: a little colour from my favourite subtropical plant, a bit of brightness, and more than a shimmer of hope. Happy New year!

--- 31 Dec 2020, Conil (E) ---

Bougainvillae at Conil

The Arrival


--- 1 Jan 2021, Playa Quemada (E) ---

Gull landing  on the water


From luxury yacht to dinghy, they contribite to a colourful and graphical display in the water in any marina.

--- 26 Dec 2020, Puerto de Calero (E) 👁 reflections ---

Reflection marina Puerto Calero