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Welcome to my portfolio

Scroll down to see my latest posts or use the menu above to find the themes that appeal to you. At the bottom you can see my latest Instagram posts (you won't need an account). Warning: I'm in my impressionist period now.

I added comments on every image to offer some background. Any observation from your side: more than welcome ☺. Enjoy!

Three activities that have played an important part in my life have come together in this website: photography, web design and my love for English (I'm not trying to be perky here, I chose to translate my website into English as most of my visitors are non-Dutch speaking).

Photography is what makes me tick. I noticed that my work is getting more and more abstract. Inspired by having visited more museums in the past five years than in my entire life? Most certainly. Changed because I am getting older? Definitely.

With techniques such as ICM and blur aided by post-processing I try to make images that are different and grab the attention. If they don't, I am truly sorry. But there's also plenty of tradional photography. Don't worry.

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Last sunlight of the day, rain's coming. Exposure 0.3 sec at F/45 @ 300 mm.

--- 29 Nov 2021, Est (NL) ---


Wild waves

--- 28 Nov 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more abstract ---

Alpine A110

Autumnal colours

--- 17 Nov 2021, Neerijnen (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Autumn in Neerijnen

End of the road

Composite image of the evening light on the hills in Lanzarote, a road and the rear lights of cars passing by. The landscape that I love so much stands for photography. The asphalt is the Fotocafé I'm quitting with. The trails of lights are a symbol for me, getting on with photography. Exposure main image 3.2 sec at F/8 @ 85 mm.

--- 12 Nov 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Volcans Lanzarote


The upholstery of a couch with a wooden back and a cushion gave this settee a colourful appearance. The white streaks are caused by reflecting light on the edge of the wood.

--- 29 Oct 2021, Dordrecht (NL) 👁 more abstract ---


Albert Cuyp

Great exhibition at Dordrecht Museum with paintings by Turner, Callcott, Cosnatble, Gainsborough and of course Albert Cuyp who inspired them. To view the paintings I can only strongly recommend to visit the museum, I made ICMs of the visitors.

--- 29 Oct 2021, Dordrecht (NL) ---

Abert Cuyp Dordrecht

Abert Cuyp Dordrecht


Last sunny and relatively warm day of the year, so I went out for a stroll and enjoyed autumn taking over at the Nature Reserve near Wolfheze.

--- 28 Oct 2021, Wolfheze (NL) ---




Shot at the court leading to Museum Gouda. If the sun had been out, it would have been a bit more spectacular.

--- 23 Oct 2021, Utrecht (NL) ---

FFN 2021

Museum Gouda

Interesting exhibition at Gouda, Koele wateren with paintings borrowed from Rijks museum, explained with the aid of an audio tour. Just checking which of these images are keepers.

--- 23 Oct 2021, Gouda (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Museum Gouda

Museum Gouda

Museum Gouda


Racing past me on his moped, without a helmet on. Exposure 1/6 sec, F19 @ 24 mm.

--- 23 Oct 2021, Gouda (NL) ---

Dead seagull

Running around

Fascinated by a stone wall not higher than a foot, toddlers love to run to and fro and they just keep on doing that.

--- 23 Oct 2021, Gouda (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Girl running

Drentsche AA

Autumnal mood at beautiful nature reserve Zeegser Duinen. Exposure 1,5 sec at F38 @ 188mm.

--- 20 Oct 2021, Zeegse (NL) 👁 more rotterdam in icm ---

Zeegse Duinen

Zeegser Duinen


These books with wooden covers were donated by Lodewijk Napoleon to Franeker University. Unbelievable beauty in material and colour. ICM, exposure 1 sec at F8 @95 mm.

--- 17 Oct 2021, Franeker (NL) 👁 more icm ---


Klaas Werumeus Buning

For me an unknown artist, discovered at Museum Martena at Franeker. Paintings with a loose and raw touch, most of them are portraits. Very intriguing works and inviting to save his palette and dynamics in these ICMs. Exposure 1 sec at F13 @105 mm.

--- 17 Oct 2021, Franeker (NL) ---

Klaas Werumeus Buning

Klaas Werumeus Buning


Tangled constructions, sculpture by Johannes Nagel created in 2018. Museum Martena. Exposure 0.7 at F6.7 @ 105 mm.

--- 17 Oct 2021, Franeker (NL) ---

Tangled construction Johannes Nagel


Doing the tour at Kasteel Ruurlo, you'll end up at the Wedding Hall. At the bottom there is this terrific (artificial) bouquet that I shot using four perspectives.

--- 5 Sept 2021, Ruurlo (NL) ---

Bouquet Kasteel Ruurlo

Popel Coumou

Artist-photographer Popel Coumou (1978) plays with the most important elements of photography in her work: light, paper and the perception of reality. By lighting her collages of paper, she adds a third clear and minimal dimension to the paper. Exposure 0,5 sec at F6,7 @ 24 mm, movement walking.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) 👁 more people at an exhibition ---

Kunstmuseum Den Haag 2021


Made famous by Marie Kuyken. In this picture her offspring from Belgium is enjoying the works on display. The term 'cloisonné' refers to the historical technique of cloisonné enamel. Metal strips were also used, but then on a metal surface. The strips not only form the representation, but also prevent the different colors of enamel powder used to fill the hollow spaces between the strips (cloisons) from melting together in the oven.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) 👁 more people at an exhibition ---

FFN 2021

The white Tesla

This morning I found a white Tesla parked in front of our house. No idea whose it was ... I've always liked its fluent lines, so I put on my jacket and had a go at it.

--- 1 Oct 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more cars ---

The White Tesla

Den Treek

Den Treek is a Natural Reserve, just outside Leusden-Zuid. Shot this during a hike on a very nice and warm autumnal day.

--- 28 Sep 2021, Leusden (NL) 👁 more trees ---

Den Treek

Den Treek

Den Treek

The blue bottle

Quite a tiny bottle, partly filled with water to cause some internal reflections. Slow movement upwards so as not to 'lose' the water. Water theme for the ICM Network. Exposure 1 sec at F6.7 @ 100 mm macro.

--- 22 Sep 2021, Est (NL) ---

Blue bottle

Kasteel Ruurlo

Was bought and restored by the Melchers family to create a home for Carel Willink's portraits. Functions as an extension to Museum MORE in Gorssel. This is a Pep Ventosa technique consisting of 21 shots taken from a semi-circle (officially a Pep Ventosa should be 360 degrees, but I hate to get my feet wet.)

--- 5 Sep 2021, Ruurlo (NL) ---

Kasteel Ruurlo MORE

Arrieta beach

(From my archive) Nice beach to go for a short walk after a healthy dish at the fish restaurant, and smell the water. There shouldn't be any dogs here unless on the leash, but nobody cares. Sent this one and the ones below in for the Water theme for the ICM Network. Shutter speed 0,6 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, jittery movement moving to the right.

--- 7 Feb 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Arrieta beach

Electric Ladyland

Today it is exactly 51 years ago that Jimi Hendrix died. I took this shot on 25th of August, wanted to save this for today. Exposure 1 sec at F/22 @ 24 mm.

--- 18 Sep 2021, Naarden Vesting (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Electric Ladyland

Mill at Waardeburg

To enhance the cloudy sky, I blended a coloured foggy layer (to cover the foreground) with an ICM of the mill. It's an experiment, I will check if I still like it after a fortnight. Exposure 2 sec at F/32 @108 mm.

--- 16 Sep 2021, Waardenburg (NL) ---

Mill at Waardenburg

In love

Romantic moment in the woods near Neerijnen Castle. Exposure 1/4 sec at F/9.5 @ 170 mm.

--- 16 Sep 2021, Neerijnen (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Rotterdam CS


Touches of heather and some birches, a traditional ICM. I added a sponge filter in post-processing. Exposure 1/6 @ F/45, 300 mm.

--- 6 Sep 2021, Nunspeet (NL) ---



Spiral staircase

The Castle at Ruurlo was acquired by the Melchers family and fully renovated in 2014 to function as a museum, showing Carel Willink's collected works. Exposure 0.7 sec at F/9.5 @ 24 mm, while descending the stairs.

--- 05 Sep 2021, Ruurlo (NL) ---

Kasteel Ruurlo


At Museum More: painting by Mary Waters of a woman slave, based on an original painting by Mary-Guillemine Benoist (1800), and interpreted by me using ICM for the challenge 'Portrait with a twist'. Intention: to express are changing views on our slavery past. Exposure 1 sec at F/10 @ 105 mm.

--- 5 Sep 2021, Gorssel (NL) 👁 more prompts ---


Two tiny bottles

Shot at Museum More at Gorssel, Two bottles by Edgar Fernhout. Exposure 1 sec, F/13 @ 105 mm.

--- 5 Sep 2021, Gorssel (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Two tiny bottles

Tumbling chair

Shot at Museum More at Gorssel, painting by Barend Blankert made in 2000, Groene stoel in atelier'. Exposure 1 sec, F/11 @ 58 mm.

--- 5 Sep 2021, Gorssel (NL) 👁 more icm ---



Clients in a massive bookstore in a former church, shot taken from the fourth floor. Exposure 1 sec F/11 @ 70 mm.

--- 3 Sep 2021, Zwolle 👁 more icm ---


Jan Cremer

Large, expressive dynamite works of art by Jan Cremer at De Fundatie. I concentrated on details. Exposure 1 sec, F/8, 97mm. ISO200.

--- 3 Sep 2021, Zwolle (NL) 👁 more prompts ---

Jan Cremer

Welcome home


--- 1 Sep 2021, Est (NL) ---

Bouquet Pep Ventosa style


The Rudbeckia field has already been in full bloom for a few weeks. A pretty sight, at the same time it is giving a warning autumn is on its way. Exposure 1 sec at F/16 @ 105 mm, 180 degree turn.

--- 30 Aug 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---



Minimalist sidetable, meant as an art object and not to be used by visitors of Kröller-Muller Museum in the Veluwe.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more minimalism ---


Glass objects

--- 11 Aug 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) 👁 more abstract ---

St Joris Church Den Bosch

Window in my office

--- 9 July 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more abstracts ---

Window and curtains


On a hazy and humid day, this high-key images shows tones of the sky matching the water of the IJsselmeer. Exposure 1/8 sec, F/11 at 200 mm.

--- 3 July 2021, Hindeloopen (NL) ---

Sailboats on IJsselmeer