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Welcome to my portfolio

Scroll down to see new images in chronological order or use the menu above to find the themes that appeal to you. At the bottom you can see my latest Instagram posts (you won't need an account). Warning: I'm in my impressionist period now.

I added comments on every image to offer some background. Any observation from your side: more than welcome ☺. Enjoy!

Three activities that have played an important part in my life have come together in this website: photography, web design and my love for English (I'm not trying to be perky here, I chose to translate my website into English as most of my visitors are non-Dutch speaking).

Photography is what makes me tick. I noticed that my work is getting more and more abstract. Inspired by having visited more museums in the past five years than in my entire life? Most certainly. Changed because I am getting older? Definitely.

With techniques such as ICM and blur aided by post-processing I try to make images that are different and grab the attention. If they don't, I am truly sorry. But there's also plenty of tradional photography. Don't worry.

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High water

A week ago the water was within one metre from the top of the dyke. Exposure 2 sec @ F/38 at 166 mm, very little movement.

--- 21 July 2021, Varik (NL) 👁 more monochrome ---

High water


Lots of hustle and bustle going on under this impressive ceiling.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (E) ---

Markthal Rotterdam


On my way to Central Station, I came across this 'crumbled' apartment block.

--- 17 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---


Hotel New York

How many people will have spent their last night in this hotel to check in the next morning at the SS Rotterdam and sail for New York? It survived bombing in May 1940 and survived destructive renovation plans in the eighties. The hotel is now surrounded by tall skyscrapers with complimentary colours.

--- 16 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Hotel New York

Port of Rotterdam

A soft ICM of an impressive port on a cloudy day.

--- 16 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Port of Rotterdam


Planning, designing, building. That's what's happening in Rotterdam, even today two large cranes are at work.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Skyline Rotterdam


Close to De Meent, where old meets new.

--- 16 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more reflections ---


Reflections (2)

The wall at the far end of the harbour reflecting into the water is a corrugated metal one belonging to a shipyard. The water turns the straight lines into a pattern. Straight out of camera.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) 👁 more reflections ---


Reflections (3)

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) ---


Fishing nets

Very inspiring surroundings, this port of Makkum, full of fishing boats and full of life. Exposure 1 sec @ F/13 at 177 mm.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) ---

Fishing nets

Fishing nets (2)

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Fishing nets

Orange and blue

Abstract ICM of blue fishing rope and yellow parts of a large fishing net.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Orange and blue

Orange and blue (2)

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Orange and blue

Fishing nets (3)

It was special to be able to come so close to a trawler. The crew was just removing the net and we had a lot of fun. Exposure 0.5 sec @ F/13 at 188 mm, 6-stopper.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) ---

Fishing nets

Fishing rope and bollard

Abstract ICM. Exposure 1/3 @ F/13, 300 mm.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) ---

Fishing rope and bollard


The bow of a trawler reflected in the water at a Frisian port.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) ---

Bow of a trawler

A windy day at the beach

--- 07 July 2021, Stavoren (NL) ---

With grandma and the dog


The water looked yellowish this morning, small wonder as there is little life left in the IJsselmeer (so I was told). Exposure 1/20 sec @ F/6,7 @ 300 mm, ISO 200.

--- 7 July 2021, Stavoren (NL) ---



With its height of 114.6 meters, yes, I looked it up, the Achmeatoren in Leeuwarden is the tallest building in Northern Netherlands.

--- 5 July 2021, Leeuwarden (NL) 👁 more buildings ---

Achmeatoren in Leeuwarden

Felted wool

Beautiful textures at the Haute Bordure exposition at Friese Museum.

--- 5 July 2021, Leeuwarden (NL) 👁 more textures---

Row of trees

Etch by Jopie Huisman

Painstakingly sharp is this etch of a natural pond surrounded by reeds, which Huisman had printed over and over again to gain more detail. And now I made an ICM of it and turned all these straight reeds into crooked ones ... I apologise sincerely. Exposure 0,7 sec, F/4,5, ISO200.

--- 3 July 2021, Workum (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Pole in the reed at Engelen

'Waterworld' at Jopie Huisman Museum


--- 3 July 2021,Workum (NL) ---

Waterwereld tentoonstelling

Shopping street

Glorious weather, shops have opened and life seems to be back to normal. 1/20 sec, F/22, 24-105 mm @ 70 mm.

--- 4 July 2021, Workum (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Shopping street


On a hazy and humid day, the tones of the sky matched the water of the IJsselmeer. Exposure 1/8 sec, F/11 at 200 mm.

--- 3 July 2021, Hindeloopen (NL) ---

Sailboats on IJsselmeer


Beautiful textures in this old Frysian shed's wall.

--- 2 July 2021, Akrum (NL) ---

Farmer's shed in Friesland

Rust textures

The street next to the town hall is being renovated, these steel structures made sure the foundation was protected.

--- 2 July 2021, Bolsward (NL) 👁 more textures ---

Steel structures

Near Workum Beach

A beach for surfers and kiters, the rural area you have to pass to get to it is really worthwhile.

--- 7 July 2021, Workum (NL) ---

Workum Beach

The curtains have opened

We're glad the museums have opened up again. These curtains separate the various decades of Salvador Dali's work.

--- 25 June 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) ---

Noordbrabants Museum


Sitting on the dock of the bay, yes, it does make your mind wander. This is Kampen's port, full of sailing-boats and old vessels that do leave a trail of oil behind ...

--- 8 June 2021, Kampen (NL) 👁 more reflections ---

Harbour at Kampen

Reflections (2)


--- 8 June 2021, Kampen (NL) ---

Kampen G'woon


At Kröller-Muller Sculpture Park, you can borrow red bikes as the area is quite extensive. They have been equipped with grey kiddy's seats. Exposure 0,5 sec @ F/22 at 64 mm.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) ---

Bicycles at Kroller-Muller