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About me

A short bio on Wim van Teeffelen ...

A short introduction

I was born on an island in the west of the Netherlands in 1953 and have lived between the rivers and behind the dykes all my life.

As a young boy I was fascinated when a tunnel was being built to connect our island with the mainland. I stole my father's camera to go there and have a look what water would look from below.

When I was 16 I got my first camera, an East-German Beirette, and photography has become my passion ever since. My then girlfriend's father, Cor van Velzen († 1991), was a source of inspiration and supplied me with (mostly) non-verbal feedback. Just looking at his face was enough for me. I joined the camera club he attended every Tuesday fortnight and learnt the basics.

I became a teacher of English as a foreign language at 21 and switched to content management of a large website half way the nineties when the internet came up. In both professions, next to what my job entailed, I was the 'image man'.

When I happily retired early 2020, my plans to go out to all sorts of suitable photo locations were thwarted by the COVID-19 lockdowns. Instead I concentrated on shooting in our garden and making macros. The limited possibilities made me look for new post-processing options and shooting techniques. Intentional Camera Movement, or ICM, appeared something that really resonates with me: it's the impressionist aspect that makes me tick.

Zebra at Oasis Wild Park La Lajita Fuerteventura

My work has been exhibited twice in an art gallery and a local cultural centre; my impressionist images have been published on two occasions in ICM Photo Mag, with a photographer's profile (see teaser and see below) and a topic article called 'Pictures at the Exhibition'. My aim is to publish a book in future on my impressionist and abstract work.

I coach photographers who wish to challenge themselves and are open to thinking outside the box, and sell pictures at Eyeem, supplier to Adobe Stock and Shutterstock amongst others.

Shooting a lot is what I still do, using DSLR or iPhone. Favourite subjects are mainly nature-based, which you see reflected in this website, and I always feel challenged to further widen my array of possibilities, both in shooting and post-processing.

Comments, critique and/or questions on my MO - please use the button in the footer - are quite welcome and will always be answered.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Self portait in concave mirror, De Pont Tilburg

What people said about my work

A short selection of recent reactions on the socials on my images (some of which may not have been published in my theme pages). Your feedback on Instagram, Facebook or this website is always appreciated.


"I like the presence of what I perceive to be a gate and the unknown people who used it, as well as the natural, ungroomed feeling about it. It is lovely with the lighting."

- On 8 Nov 2023 by Patricia Rasmussen on ICM Photo Mag -

"Lovely feel to this image"

- On 8 Nov 2023 by Scotte Williams on ICM Photo Mag -

"This is outstanding!!"

- On 7 Nov 2023 by Sue Darby on ICM Photo Mag -

"Lovely composition and technique 👍🏻"

- On 7 Nov 2023 by Sarah Williamson on ICM Photo Mag -

"Erg mooi Wim !!"

- On 7 Nov 2023 by Ab Postma on ICM Photo Mag -

Tree at Lajares

Medieval Hattem

"Wonderful texture. I love how subtle it is and how it gives the whole scene a softness while preserving detail."

- On 7 Oct 2023 by Beth Buelow on ICM Photo Mag -

"I agree with Beth, beautiful, subtle texture."

- On 7 Oct 2023 by Maryellen Stone on ICM Photo Mag -

Square in Hattem

Pig Market at Culemborg

"Love the light and colors you captured. The way the images overlap creates the impression of brush strokes. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful."

- On 20 Sep 2023 by Craig Johnson on ICM Photo Mag -

"Wow, gorgeous!."

- On 20 Sep 2023 by Sue Darby on ICM Photo Mag -

Varkensmarkt (Pig Market) at Culemborg

Bookshop Broese

"Wonderful image. I really like the bars of white light you created, the mosaic of cyan light on the upper right balanced by the palette of reds and pinks on the lower left, and the apparent motion that brings the whole image together. Hard to believe you did all that in your phone..."

- On 17 Sep 2023 by Craig Johnson on ICM Photo Mag -

Bookshop Broese at Utrecht

Shopping street in London


- On 14 Sep 2023 by Gregorio Muniz on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

"Wow, outstanding!!"

- On 14 Sep 2023 by Sue Darby on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

"Absolutely amazing!!!"

- On 14 Sep 2023 by Cahy Grassello on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

"like this very much"

- On 14 Sep 2023 by Christine Starnes on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

"The right mood"

- On 14 Sep 2023 by Wilfried Debergh on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

"That has worked very well!"

- On 14 Sep 2023 by Patricia Rayner on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

"Love it!"

- On 14 Sep 2023 by Margaret Burgener on FB ICMPhotoMag Group -

Shopping street in London

'Lost in space'

"I love this, outstanding!!"

- On 11 Sep 2023 by Sue Darby on ICM Photo Mag Group -

"Wonderful. and thank God for red subjects. 😁"

- On 11 Sep 2023 by Dorene Sykes on ICM Photo Mag Group -

Main hall Radboud UMC Nijmegen

'Summer breeze'

"un dipinto dell'800"

--- On 9 Jan 2023 by Gianni Barili on FB ICM Photomag ---

"like an impressionist painting"

--- On 9 Jan 2023 byHeike Skamper on FB ICM Photomag ---

"That's very beautiful!"

--- On 9 Jan 2023 by Jessy Willemse on FB ICMPhotoMag ---

"wim, this image is a stunner."

--- On 8 Jan 2023 by Chris Carsley on FB ICMPhotoMag ---

"You've done it again Wim, well done!"

--- On 8 Jan 2023 by Jim Cowell on FB ICM Photomag ---

"Wonderful! Do you know what your shutter speed was?"

--- On 8 Jan 2023 by Linda Anne Baker on FB ICM Photomag ---

Grandmother and grandchild at IJsselmeer shore near Stavoren Friesland


"Love this. I'm trying to work out quite how you moved the camera and I can't…"

--- On 6 Jan 2023 by Peter Brocklehurst on FB ICM Photomag ---

"Love the way this image portrays movement"

--- On 5 Jan 2023 by Alda DeLorenzo on FB ICM Photomag ---

"Just love this Wim - not easy to get just the right amount of motion blur, but you nailed it here!"

--- On 5 Jan 2023 by Deborah Atkinson on FB ICMPhotoMag ---

"Stunning image! It is a lovely combination of detail on her face and motion blur on her legs."

--- On 4 Jan 2023 by Julie Pallant on FB ICMPhotoMag ---

"You've done it again Wim, well done!"

--- On 4 Jan 2023 by Jim Cowell on FB ICM Photomag ---

Skating girl at the skate rink of La Oliva

Awards & Publications


'The Bee Hotel' was selected to be part of the final 20 images featured in the Environment category of the 2021 Exhibition organised by ICM Photo Magazine.

- On 16 Dec 2021 by the curators of ICM PhotoMag -



"Minimalgrammer award for best minimalist image in the last week of the year."

- On 29 Dec 2022 by Minimalistgrammer on Instagram -

Some wall at Fuerteventura

Photographer's profile

- On 9 May 2022 by ICMPhotoMag on FB -

Teaser on Instagram

Topic article

"Pictures at an Exhibition."

- On 1 Sep 2022 by ICMPhotoMag on FB -

Topic Article teaser

Quarterly pick

"This image of the grandmother, grandson, and dog on the flower field is very refreshing. It has a great feel of a summer breeze blowing. The view down to the river valley creates a nice depth, making for an interesting perspective in the image. It is also refreshing and bold to see that Wim has taken the picture with the people with their backs to the camera. In this image, it is not important to see their faces or recognize the people, but to enjoy the great time they are having, whoever they are. The composition works very well with the main emphasis being placed on the grid line of the rule of thirds, and the movement goes nicely from left to right. I also like the colours in this image. This is summer. Good work, Wim!"

--- On 14 Sep 2021 by editor Kaisa Sirén, one of the founders of the ICM Photogtaphy Network ---

Grandmother and grandchild at IJsselmeer shore near Stavoren Friesland