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In this website you'll come across ICM and blur. Whereas they're both specialised abstracting techniques, this page aims to collect shots straight from the camera without any serious post-processing. Still I hope they make you wonder: OK, but what is it? So, I will faithfully add explanations if necessary.

Farmer's market

I just wanted to try out what extremely long exposures would 'do' while walking. I chose a darker section of a farmer's market and walked between the stalls a number of times. Exposure 15 sec at F/10 @ 28 mm.

--- 5 Dec 2021, Lajares (E) ---

Alpine A110


The upholstery and a cushion gave this couch a colourful appearance. The white streaks are caused by reflecting light on the edge of the wood.

--- 29 Oct 2021, Dordrecht (NL) ---


Candle lights

--- 11 Aug 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) ---

St Jan Den Bosch


Tangled constructions, sculpture by Johannes Nagel created in 2018. Museum Martena. Exposure 0.7 at F6.7 @ 105 mm.

--- 17 Oct 2021, Franeker (NL) ---

Tangled construction Johannes Nagel

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