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In this website you'll come across ICM and blur. Whereas they're both specialised abstracting techniques, this page aims to collect shots straight from the camera without any serious post-processing. Still I hope they make you wonder: OK, but what is it? So, I will faithfully add explanations if necessary.


It's one of the many sad things that happened in 2020, so sad that I didn't want to start my homepage with this image. Apart from all the harm that has been done to people's health, relations, traditions and celebrations, many shops and businesses went bankrupt. This is a shopwindow that has been whitewashed. Apparently, the dog (or is it a cow?) doesn't mind.

--- 27 Dec 2020, Tías (E) ---

Whiteweashed shopwindow of shop in Tias Lanzarote

Rock man

There's a small grove nearby my holiday rental home where local stonemasons used to get their material from to build houses. I see a man with a cap on and a cigarette dangling form his mouth.

--- 27 Dec 2020, Conil (E) ---

Grove at Conil

Autumn in Utrecht

Easy one: autumn leaves in one of the canals in Utrecht, just opposite 'Tante Sien' for those who know the place.

--- 7 Nov 2019, Utrecht (NL) ---

Autumn leaves in a Utrecht canal


The Voorlinden Museum in Wassenaar is one of our favourites. It's a privately funded museum and that in itself makes it special. Collections are changed a few times per year and the artists are renowned.

--- 17 Oct 2017, Wassenaar (NL) ---

Ceiling auditorium Voorlinden Museum Wassenaar

La Palma

That La Palma is a volcanic island is something you cannot escape from, wherever you are on the island. Here the coast leaned back a bit so from a steps down to the ocean near Puntagorda I could look back and take this pic. An enormous eruption causing a quarter of the land slide into the sea also accounted for a chemical process, hence the 'unnatural' colours.

--- 31 Dec 2006, Puntagorda (E) ---

Volcanic coast at La Palma near Puntagorda

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