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Architecture, design and art

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Wall colth multple exposure Renkum

Published 7 Aug 2019
Some double exposures at my sister-in-law's and ICMs.

Steel and concrete


Apartment blocks and office steel and concrete Rotterdm city centre.

Published 16 Jul 2020
Spectacular architecture, both at the borders of the river Meuse and the Thames.

Industral heritage

Zaandam (NL)

Hembrug deserted military prodiction facility

Updated 23 Aug 2023
Hembrug area is a former industrial complex where arms were made: guns, cannons, tanks. The area is now a refuge for artists. Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij, better known as ADM, was an Amsterdam company that repaired ships using dry docks in the Netherlands. After World War II it also built ships. It is now no longer used as such and artists have found their homes and workplaces there. The restaurant is clad with steel plates that have become rusty. Magnificent.

Glass art

Nijmegen (NL)

Glass art hospital Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen

Published 8 Sep 2023
In the lobby to Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Tanja Smeets is exhibiting her 'Glass garden', a metal grid standing 5 metres tall consisting of 3 towers of 800 glass blocks, with 250 sculptures inside. I used the transparant ones to shoot through them and make abstract impressions of the hall which is 5 stories high.



Steel plate Richard Serra Guggenheim Bilbao

Published 12 Apr 2023
My prompts are newly created images based on the artist's original.

Calatrava & Gehry

Valencia/­Bilbao (E)

City of Science Valencia designed by Calatrava

Published 7 May 2014, updated 3 Aug 2017
Santiago Calatrava Valls (* 28 July 1951) is a Spanish architect, sculptor and painter, particularly known for his spectacular bridges supported by single leaning pylons, his railway stations, stadiums, museums and opera houses.

Fabrique des Lumières

Amsterdam (NL)

Immersive art projection Klimt Hundertwasser

Published 3 May 2020, updated 16 Jul 2023
Intensive and immersive experience based on works by Gustav Klimt / Hundertwasser and Gaudí / Dalí, the latter accompanied by music by Pink Floyd and Dire Straits.

César Manrique

Lanzarote (E)

Mural created by César Manrique at his house in Tahíche

Published 6 Jan 2018, updated 28 Jan 2023
Manrique had a great influence on in what way Lanzarote developed and accommodated tourism. He proposed and succeeded in having the island governement build three centres for 'mainstream' tourism, Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise, individual tourism being spread all over the island.

Museum archi­tecture


Light ornament in Hall Rijks Museum Amsterdam

Published 28 Feb 2021
Interior impressions captured at musuems such as Rijks Museum Amsterdam, Prado Madrid and Thyssen Madrid.



Mural created by spiders and leaves

Published 3 Jul 2019, updated 16 Nov 2023
From 'still lifes' created by spiders and some co-operating leaves, to metropolitan grafitti and fine traditional wall art. Images from Madeira, London and an open air theatre at Tías, Canary Islands.


's-Her­togen­bosch (NL)

Cow hides on wall of museum shop Noordbrabants Museum

Published 27 Oct 2023
Quite willing to pose, as they were already dead. Cruel, I know. That's life. Sick joke. Sorry.