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When I observe the bark of a tree from close distance, I can't help but thinking some of these trees must be reincarnations of artists. The phantasy, the colour, the texture, the diversity ... 

The elephant

Earlier I must have confided in you, apologies if you read this for the umpteenth time, that I'm one of those people who 'see things' in the bark of trees. For me this image is an elephant, but if you insist it is a whale or a dolphin, I won't hand in a motion of censure.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Lage Vuursche (NL) ---

Willow in the Betuwe

Mysterious willow

I have always regarded these trees as mysterious. They stay alive in spite of the fact their interior is rotting away, you cut its branches every two or three years and it doesn't lift an eyebrow, there are spiders and all sorts of insects regarding it as their home, there's ivy trying to strangle this tree by sucking moist from its bark ... and yet, I've never seen a willow that has a disease of some kind.

--- 3 May 2020, West Betuwe (NL) ---

Willow in the Betuwe

Mysterious willow (2)

It wouldn't be difficult for me to fill an album with images of its bark. This one was five metres further up the road. If you share my imagination, there's an evil Gollum-like creature top left. Watch it.

--- 3 May 2020, West Betuwe (NL) ---

Willow at Neerijnen

Mysterious willow (3)

This is what old looks like: full of cobwebs, all sorts of little insects, plants that are trying to get a foothold.

--- 3 May 2020, West Betuwe (NL) ---

Tree Lage Vuursche

Beautiful birch

Expressive, interesting and always artistic. Smartphone capture of a birch at the lovely Arboretum of Kalmthout, just across the border.

--- 23 June 2019, Kalmthout (B) ---

Beautiful birch

Talking about evil creatures

What do you think of this creature at the top I discovered in a Mallorcan olive tree? It's a down right demon.

--- 1 May 2016, Pollença (E) ---

Olive tree at Mallorca


It could be the person below just didn't like to be captured, but for me for me it is someone who has a strong opinion and it's not a favourable one.

--- 1 May 2016, Pollença (E) ---

Olive tree at Pollenca


We had rented a very basic house in the surroundings of Palafrugell in Catalunya in spring. Its location was fantastic, lots of pines and flowers in the garden. This pine tree was close to the kitchen window so I could observe the light. I like the tones and all these layers.

--- 27 April 2014, Palafrugell (E) ---

Pine tree at Palafrugell


A campsite in the Italian town of Bevagna offered a woody, shady and very secluded spot. I shot this picture and mailed the proprietor if he could help me assessing the name of this tree. He said he wouldn't know and had never seen it before. So let's agree this is a pine tree. Please.

--- 7 August 2007, Bevagna (I) ---

Pine tree at Bevagna in Umbria


It was in a garden centre in La Tarraula that outside I suddenly discovered an enormous collection of large potted palms, each something in the region of 1,000 euros. Apparently there is enough demand to justify an assortment like this. Photographywise they were easy targets, having been put in a quite an orderly row.

--- 27 Apr 2017, La Tarraula (E) 👁 subtropical ---

Palm tree at La Tarraula Costa Blanca