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A day at the beach

Summer breeze, sand between your toes, long walks along the coastline. Reminiscences of summer.


--- 4 Aug 2021, Ouddorp (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Playing Hide and Seek


Strolling along the flood line, 21 degrees, nice sun, a pleasant lunch ahead ... what else does one want?

--- 4 Aug 2021, Ouddorp (NL) ---

Walking along the floodline

Walking along the floodline


--- 4 Aug 2021, Ouddorp (NL) ---

Beach at Ouddorp


--- 4 Aug 2021, Ouddorp (NL) 👁 more icm ---


Summer breeze

I unexpectedly came across a granny with her grandson and dog, when I was walking along the dyke. I walked on until they had passed me, turned a took a few shots. The wind made the results a bit unpredictable. Granny was fighting to divide her attention among controlling her summer dress, the boy and the dog. She was very alert and when she saw me with that large camera it was quickly over. Exposure 1/4 sec at F/27 @ 300 mm.

--- 07 July 2021, Stavoren (NL) ---

With grandma and the dog

With grandma and the dog

The fetcher

This majestic dog is apparently a hunter, endlessly patient, ready to fetch what its master has caught or shot or in this case fished out of the water.

--- 24 Jan 2021, Playa Quemada (E) 👁 more dogs ---

Dog running on La Garita beach Arrieta

Dog being at the ready on Playa Quemada beach Lanzarote



--- 22 Jan 2021, Arrieta (E) 👁 more icm ---

Three seagulls at Playa La Garita Lanzarote

Arrieta beach

(From my archive) Nice beach to go for a short walk after a healthy dish at the fish restaurant, and smell the water. There shouldn't be any dogs here unless on the leash, but nobody cares. Sent this one and the ones below in for the Water theme for the ICM Network. Shutter speed 0,6 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, jittery movement moving to the right.

--- 7 Feb 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Arrieta beach


There he goes, a poodle that's afraid of the water under his right arm and a greyhound on a leash on the other side, the Dogman. Gosh, suppose he lets this greyhound go, I thought. At that very moment he stooped and unleashed it. OK: on a narrow beach capturing a running greyhound is a mission impossible. So I have to make do with this one. 1/10 sec, F/22, 105 mm, ISO200, horizontal movement from L to R, single shot, no post-processing.

--- 14 Dec 2020, Arrieta (E) 👁 more iqos ---

ICM of man walking a dog on the beach

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