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Behind the screens

I used to have a 'behind-the-screens' in my old website. The page appeared to be popular, so I made a few new examples of post-processing and image manipulation. That's a different approach from ICM. ICMs are all made in-camera and at most I crop them a bit or increase the contrast.

Basic example of using ICM

The first picture (of a plastic sheet apllied to create more privacy in a church) is 'as is'. The second 0,7 sec, F/4, 24-105 mm @ 105 mm, turning the camera 90 degrees clockwise.

--- 11 Aug 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) 👁 more icm ---


Basic example of using ICM (2)

In the first shot I used a tripod, in the second I took the camera off but held it more or less in the same place, and shook it slightly during 1 second, which is rather long. Cloned away the road in the left bottom corner. Exposure 1 sec at F/16 @ 105 mm.

--- 14 May 2021, Zennewijnen (NL) ---


Basic example of using a merged copy

This is a macro of a rose. I made a copy and gave it some glow and a slight blur.

--- 14 Jun 2020, Est (NL) ---


Moving an object

Minimalist ICM at Stavoren radiating the feeling of summer, showing a grandmother and her grandson strolling along the coast line. The dog was walking behind them, I wanted the lady to point at the dog to create a story so I moved it. Also I created some more sea and more beach . . .

--- 14 July 2021, Stavoren (NL) ---


An ICM of a piece of art

These three ICMs are prompts and were made from a work of art by Afra Eisma, 'organs of a woman', to be seen at the Fries Museum. Inspired by Audre Lorde's poetic texts, Afra Eisma (1993) created intimate worlds bursting with colour and energy. Her work consists of fluffy carpets, ceramics, paper maché and textiles that lead to radiant tactile installations in which connection and generosity are central. This nearly car sized work represents the organs of a woman. Exposure 0,3 sec @ F/8 @24 mm a circular movement.

--- 5 July 2021, Leeuwarden (NL) 👁 more icm ---


Blurring the shape

Murano, the 'glass island', has a blue sculpture in the centre near the bridge. Using a tool to change the flow of an image, I tried to avoid the dirt of this rather unkempt sculpture, and create something more dynamic.

--- 21 May 2018, Murano (I) ---


Grasses in monochrome

I shot these grasses that were moving in the wind in the dunes at Ouddorp, and I moved the camera with one of the tallest grasses. The light was the beginning of an evening light. I turned the shot into monochrome and give it a white vignet.

--- 1 Aug 2021, Ouddorp (NL) ---


Applying Michael Orton effect

The principle of the Michael Orton effect is based on multiplying a sharp and an out-of-focus (OOF) sample of the exactly the same subject from the same angle. I took the 'darker than' blend option..

--- 11 Apr 2020, Waardenburg (NL) ---

Wetland Waardenburg

Adding glow and change path

Beautiful agave, finely detailed. And still I tried to make it softer. I tried to change the perspective a bit. Judge for yourself which version you like.

--- 26 Dec 2008, Las Tricias (E) ---


Changing orientation and perspective

The original of this image was a portrait shot of the organ at Sint-Maartenskerk, Zaltbommel. I turned it clockwise 90 degrees, cropped the ceiling quite drastically and changed perspective. Exposure 1,5 sec F/13 @ 32 mm.

--- 1 Aug 2021, Zaltbommel (NL) ---


Vertical blur

The apple trees in the orchard close by had to be protected from frost by spraying them at night in late spring. Now I would have used ICM to create something abstract form these lovely colours, now I used Photoshop's blur command.

--- 31 Mar 2020, Est (NL) ---


Changing colours

Evening light from my office. The colour palette is quite interesting, I tried to make it a touch more dramatic. Exposure 4 sec at F/27 @ 100 mm

--- 17 Mar 2021, Est (NL) ---


Changing atmosphere

Mill at Waardenburg, multiple layers, one with fog, one with a slight water colour filter. Exposure 2 sec at F/32 @ 108 mm.

--- 16 Sep 2021, Waardenburg (NL) ---