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Why would someone want to make blurry photographs? That's a question I asked myself when I started making pictures. I have changed my mind.

Blur is predominantly done during software based post-processing. The intention is to create abstracts. I said it before, either you love it or you hate it.

My blanket


--- 27 Sep 2022, Est (NL) ---

La Palma

La Palma

Inspired by the sad developments at the island of La Palma in 2021 where homes, gardens, private property and infrastructure have been covered under 30 feet of lava, nothing ever to be retrieved.

--- 2 Oct 2021, Est (NL) ---

La Palma

Playing with fire

You're a hero if you recognise a Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii, the orange plant with the interesting bowl-like flowers, in this smartphone picture. It's an amalgamation of several versions derived from it, one ICM, using the 'pinch and push' blur path in Photoshop for a copy. After that I layered them, changed sizes, opacity, portrait orientation to landscape, et cetera.

--- 20 Sep 2021, Est (NL) ---

Gas fire

Icing the orchards

Late frost is viable threat to the apple blossoms, which is the reason why they get sprayed at night to develop a protective layer of ice.

--- 30 Mar 2020, Est (NL) ---

Icing the


This is a blurred image from one a negative scan of at least 30 years old I found on my computer.

--- Glencoe (UK) ---



Will we be on foreign beaches again for a walk in the evening or a morning stroll, this summer or autumn? One from my archives. I love Sicily.

--- 29 Oct 2018, Santa Maria de Focallo (I) ---

Beach at Santa Maria de Focallo


Every year we have a family meeting in July and the same tradition says a beautiful and colourful bunch of roses will be on our table.

--- 27 Feb 2021, Est (NL) ---

A colourful bouquet of roses


The bouquet I gave to my wife for her birthday turned out to be as enjoyable for her as for me. Amongst other things, it contained one giant hydrangea. I took a few shots, layered the ones that were nearly but not completely identical, gave each of them an increasing opacity so you could see what was under them. Then moved them around a bit and that was it.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Est (NL) ---

Hydrangea in bouquet

Timanfaya National Park

A difficult image to categorise, because it consists of four different layers that I joined and added blur path to, in order to make it 'one'. Never mind, it's about the image itself, and to me it radiates warmth, just like the volcanoes over here.

--- 31 Dec 2020, Yaiza 👁 lanzarote ---

Abstract of Timanfaya National Park

Change path in Photoshop

Another way of blurring an image is really great fun. No doubt you know apps that you can use on a smartphone to make someone fatter, thinner, change a nose or other body parts that are deemed unfashionable sizewise ☺. This technique's core is path blur and that's what I have used with this dried autumn leaf (originally a scan, not a picture). If you look closely you can see what lines I used to change the image and where I allowed it to converge or diverge.

--- 30 July 2016, Est (NL) ---

King Frog near the pond

Kniphofia Grandiflora

A fantastic, colourful flower. It looks like a rocket. They're doing well in the subtropics and that's where I shot the original, on Tenerife. The pull-and-pinch technique has been used more ferociously in this case to blur this picture. For me the result is a prehistoric raptor that could feature in a Playstation game. Click on the link below to see what the original shot was.

--- 4 Jan 2012, El Desierto (E) behind the screens ---

Frog in pond just revealing the eyes

Fine detail

More subtlety is applied is this image, which originally is an owl's feather. Its structure is unaltered by keeping the lines tightly together.

--- 19 Aug 2020, Est (NL) ---

Owl's feather


The basis of this image is exactly the same as the one above. And that's a great aspect of blurring: you can just start with a rough idea and then go on creating an entirely new image. I used two different versions, blended them and added some colour. For me this is unlimited phantasy.

--- 19 Aug 2020, Est (NL) ---

Owl's feather

Van Gogh's colours

This is a prompt on the basis of one of Vincent van Gogh's paintings, shot at Kröller-Muller.

--- 22 Sep 2021, Otterlo (NL) ---


A softer approach

This is Fragrant delight, one of the roses in our garden accompanied by a few strands of Verbena.

--- 6 Sep 2019, Est (NL) ---

Just Joey

Bad weather

Bad weather was looming at the coast of Altea and I had arranged a sailboat to be on that very spot. Not true. This picture consists of three layers of the same image, one of them used blur to make the Mediterranean a bit softer, one of them enhanced the sand.

--- 29 Apr 2017, Altea (E) ---

Mediterranean at Altea

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