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Great city, quaint, picturesque, historical (the background picture is not representative, that was our hotel), lively and full of culture. Having used this outing to try out my AvgCamPro app, I came back with 2,000 images all in all on my phone and camera, although it was just a short weekend trip.

Streetlife (ICM)

Quaint, touristic hotspot although not too much, excellent restaurants and a pleasant atmosphere. I added some in-the-round multipe exposures at the end. Which makes every image an ICM.

--- 3 Sep 2022, Bruges (B) 👁 more bruges ---

Culture & Concertgebouw (ICM)

Salvador Dalí at the Belfort, an impressive and extensive exhibition in Sint Jan's Hospitaal by Belgian-Nigerian artist Otobong Nkwanga. She linked the history of the hospital to colonialism, slavery, origin, the trade of spices and coffe, the struggle for life and ... death. We were also invited for a private tour backstage at the Concertgebouw, built on the 3/5/7 concept. Plus the 'March of the Giants' came along, a local tradition.

--- 3 Sep 2022, Bruges (NL) 👁 more architecture---