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Colourful Canaries

With the exception of larger towns, nearly every house or building on the Canary Islands is plastered white to keep the house cool in summer, it's the colour of the windows and doors that gives every house a signature. César Manrique even suggested the Lanzarotean government - and they followed up on this advice - that white houses can only have green or blue windows and doors; brown was allowed for century old buildings. But not everyone appears to be very strict in this ...

Orange and yellow

This alley was right outside my apartment. The image consists of 9 frames, 8 of them made while walking and one static one, all blended together.

--- 26 November 2022, La Lajita (E) ---

Alley in La Lajita


What makes a bright yellow wall with a shadow so interesting? Maybe it's the simple solution to lead an electricity cord inside by just drilling a hole in the wall.

--- 10 Dec 2022, Ginigimar (E) ---

Rowing boat at Punta Mujeres

Paint job

This rowing boat must have changed owners a couple of times. Orange, green, blue, teal ... makes a lovely pattern.

--- 7 Jan 2021, Punta Mujeres (E) ---

Rowing boat at Punta Mujeres


Moss covered steps and clear water. From here you're supposed to jump into the ocean.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Punta Mujeres (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Harbour at Punta Mujeres Lanzarote

Abstract painting

Fascinating colours untainted by time. It looks as if the volcanoes have only stopped erupting yesterday. The Fire Mountains at Timanfaya National Park.

--- 4 Jan 2021, Yaiza (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Montanas de Fuego Timanfaya

'Let's get the car'


--- 3 Jan 2021, Arrecife (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Pigeons in the centre of Arrecife

Open air theatre

Local culture thrives on the Canaries. On fixed dates throughout the year, mostly public holidays based on Catholic traditions, there's no one in a village or town that doesn't participate. Therefore you will find open air theatres or squares used for that reason all over the island.

--- 23 Dec 2020, Tías (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Open air theatre Tias Lanzarote



--- 27 Dec 2020, Tías (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Mural Tias Lanzarote

Decorated doorstep

The villages north of the tourist areas are populated by people who work in the tourist industry. They work hard for little money, their houses are mostly simple apartments. This one is different.

--- 24 Dec 2015, Pueblo de Mogán (E) 👁 gran canaria ---

House in Pueblo de Mogan Gran Canaria

Ancient ochre

Sometimes houses seem to be in a derelict state. However, moist is a problem for virtually any Canarian house as they lack cavity walls: just one mostly very thick concrete wall built straight onto volcanic rocks makes the plaster fall off after a year or so. Timber is hardwood or pine, which lasts ages in a climate like this, so people don't really care to get it painted.

--- 29 Dec 2012, Garachico (E) 👁 tenerife ---

Asparagus field near Giersbergen


Traditional village and picturesque but very small. It has one very nice restaurant.

--- 24 Dec 2009, Tijarafe (E) la palma ---

House at Tijarafe

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