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My favourites

Since November 2020, I have used ICM in about 90 per cent of my pictures. It helped me to break free from convential ideas. So that is why you will mainly come across ICMs if you scroll down. ICM is a difficult technique to get right and easy at the same time. There is no roadbook for ICM, as there is no roadbook for good photographs. So either you love 'm ... or you hate 'm.

These are my favourites up to now. At the end of the year I will build a poll so you can vote for your favourites.


Sweet Peace, where dost thou dwell? I humbly crave,
Let me once know.
I sought thee in a secret cave,
And ask'd, if Peace were there,
A hollow wind did seem to answer,
No: Go seek elsewhere …

George Herbert (1593-1633)

--- 5 Mar 2022, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---


End of the road

Composite image of the evening light on the hills in Lanzarote, a road and the rear lights of cars passing by. The landscape that I love so much stands for photography. The asphalt is the Fotocafé I'm quitting with. The trails of lights are a symbol for me, exploring new directions within photography. Exposure main image 3.2 sec at F/8 @ 85 mm.

--- 12 Nov 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Volcans Lanzarote

Albert Cuyp

Great exhibition at Dordrecht Museum with paintings by Turner, Callcott, Constable, Gainsborough and of course Albert Cuyp who inspired them. To view the paintings I can only strongly recommend to visit the museum, I made ICMs of the visitors.

--- 29 Oct 2021, Dordrecht (NL) ---

Abert Cuyp Dordrecht

Abert Cuyp Dordrecht


This is a single exposure of 1/3 sec at F11 @ 105 mm part of which I enlarged, hence the grain which I normally hate, but in this case I think it adds to the atmosphere.

--- 5 Oct 2021, Est (NL) ---


Popel Coumou

Artist-photographer Popel Coumou (1978) plays with the most important elements of photography in her work: light, paper and the perception of reality. By lighting her collages of paper, she adds a third dimension to the paper.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) ---

Kunstmuseum Den Haag 2021

Spiral staircase

The Castle at Ruurlo was acquired by the Melchers family and fully renovated in 2014 to function as a museum, showing Carel Willink's collected works.

--- 05 Sep 2021, Ruurlo (NL) ---

Kasteel Ruurlo

Welcome home


--- 1 Sep 2021, Est (NL) ---

Bouquet Pep Ventosa style


--- 4 Aug 2021, Ouddorp (NL) ---

Beach at Ouddorp

Lamp stand in my office

I have one of these IKEA uplights in my office. It struck me all of a sudden the light was playing with the stainless steel, making it stand out from the curtain. Exposure 0,5 sec at F/27 @ 100 mm.

--- 9 July 2021, Est (NL) ---

Window and curtains

Fishing nets

I was lucky they were stripping a fishing trawler off its nets. Something was wrong with them and everything had to be taken off board. I followed the process, the men seemed to like my interest and made all sorts of jokes, the port master came to me on his bike and wondered what I was doing.

--- 8 July 2021, Makkum (NL) 👁 more harbour shots ---

Fishing nets

A windy day at the beach

I unexpectedly came across a granny with her grandson and dog, when I was walking along the dyke. I walked on until they had passed me, turned a took a few shots. The wind made the results a bit unpredictable. Granny was fighting to divide her attention among controlling her summer dress, the boy and the dog. She was very alert and when she saw me with that large camera it was quickly over. Exposure 1/4 sec at F/27 @ 300 mm. As for choice of subject, my local camera club put this image at the bottom of the list but one.

--- 07 July 2021, Stavoren (NL) ---

With grandma and the dog


On a hazy and humid day, this high-key images shows tones of the sky matching the water of the IJsselmeer. Exposure 1/8 sec, F/11 at 200 mm.

--- 3 July 2021, Hindeloopen (NL) ---

Sailboats on IJsselmeer

The curtains have opened

We're glad the museums have opened up again. These curtains separate the various decades of Salvador Dali's work.

--- 25 June 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) ---

Noordbrabants Museum

Kampen harbour

It's a rather abstract shot, a blue boat with a red line to indicate how deep the water is. But I am glad with it. Exposure 1/4, F/45 @ 260 mm.

--- 8 Jun 2021, Kampen 👁 more icm ---

Close-up of pigeon

Tall trees

We are so fortunate to have trees along the roads in our vicinity. The trees have been pruned far too much and they look a bit like lolly pops. Reason is to allow passage to agricultural traffic without their crop being chafed off. Using ICM gave them back their branches they are entitled to, and made them stand tall.

--- 12 May 2021, Rumpt (NL) 👁 more naked trees ---

Dreef Est


Quite close to our house there are some old farm buildings with haystacks that have been beautifully restored. This is a freehand ICM image taking a 4 second exposure at F/22.

--- 23 Mar 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Village of Est in the Betuwe Netherlands

Volcanic landscape

A grey sky subdued the colours of this image. The white shapes look like a flock of sheep, but they're houses in the shape of the movement I made. Shutter speed 1/8 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, full frame, unfinished circular movement.

--- 11 Jan 2021, Guatiza (E) 👁 more lanzarote icm ---

ICM image of Mala with volcanic backdrop

Stormy weather

Election Day in the US of A. 'This boat needs a capable pilot that leads it to quieter waters'. Single Exposure, 1/10 sec, F/32, 300 mm, ISO200, IS disabled, handheld. Full frame, I added a bit of water to the left to give the boat some more space.

--- 3 Jan 2021, Arrecife ---

Boat in San Gines Lagoon at Arrecife

Flying low

The waves are lovely here. Shutter speed 1/10 sec, F/22, 70-300mm @ 300 mm, ISO200, movement top right to bottom left.

--- 28 Dec 2020, Playa Quemada (E) 👁 more gulls ---

Landing gull among rocks and weeds

The fetcher

This dog is apparently a hunter, endlessly patient, ready to fetch what its master has caught or shot or in this case fished out of the water.

--- 24 Jan 2021, Playa Quemada (E) 👁 more icm ---

Dog being at the ready on Playa Quemada beach Lanzarote


There he goes, a poodle that's afraid of the water under his right arm and a greyhound on a leash on the other side, the Dogman. Gosh, suppose he lets this greyhound go, I thought. At that very moment he stooped and unleashed it. OK: on a narrow beach capturing a running greyhound is a mission impossible. So I have to make do with this one. 1/10 sec, F/22, 105 mm, ISO200, horizontal movement from L to R, single shot, no post-processing.

--- 14 Dec 2020, Arrieta (E) 👁 more iqos ---

ICM of man walking a dog on the beach

Palm leaf

There's a group of palms nearby with striking grey/bluish leaves that look like circular saws. I added a bit of teal to the blue bits, but as for the rest: an ICM straight from the camera. Single shot, 1/10 sec at F/22 at 300 mm focal length.

--- 19 Dec 2020, Mala (E) 👁 more subtropical vegetation ---

Palm leaf ICM

Close to home (1)

Outside our house are an ash-tree and two willows. I can see them from my first floor office. Pointing the camera down gives them a different perspective. With a long lens I concentrated on the willow's crown, using a slight movement to catch the wind moving the bluish grey leaves at the branches' tips. They are smaller and more fragile, about to be blown away (1/10 sec at F/32).

--- 26 Oct 2020, Est (NL) ---

Willow across the street ICM

Close to home (2)

It was a windy and cloudy afternoon when I took this shot of the old willow across the street. The colours are unaltered. I made a lighter copy, put it behind the original and moved it to the right to fill the gap that was made by the white sky. This image is also used for our Christmas card 2020 (1/8 sec at F11).

--- 15 Nov 2020, Est (NL) ---


Reed in a ditch

Quite close there is a nature reserve, De Steendert, where we can go for a walk. This is reed in a ditch, the light was already low. It is a single exposure of 1/8 sec at F9.5.

--- 15 Nov 2020, Est (NL) ---

Reed in ditch

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