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Flora and fauna

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On all fours


Published 1 Nov 2023
Dogs on the move.


Renkum (NL)

Bouquet of tulips sshot at my sister-in-law's in her living room

Published 1 Nov 2023
Shot at my sister-in-law's in her living room.


Betuwe (NL)

ICM of willow tree

Published 1 Nov 2023
The Betuwe area, the fruit barn situated between the big rivers such as Waal, Rhine and Meuse, has many country roads that are lined with trees. Partly there to break the wind, partly to indicate where the roads take a bend or end up at a T-crossing. This series was made using ICM and was previously published under the name 'Naked trees'.

More wings


Nest of blackbirds

Re-published 1 Nov 2023
Shot through the window pane of our shed.



Just a heap of autumn leaves

Published 10 Oct 2023
A selection of straight shots and multiple exposures.

(Sub)tropical trees


Banana tree

Published 10 Oct 2023, updated 23 Nov
A selection of close-ups that show the beauty of these subtropical trees..



Garden border created by Piet Oudolf, at Singer Laren

Re-published 20 Jul 2023
Garden borders at home and elsewhere.

Mediter­ranean plants



Published 25 Dec 2017, updated 20 Jul 2023
Agaves, strelitzia, cacti ...

Rise and fall of the tulip



Published 20 May 2020, updated 3 Jun 2023
In the COVID-19 period, we tried to stay at home as much as possible. The garden was my refuge, I followed two groups of tulips from beginning to end and captured them nearly every day.




Published 20 Dec 2020, updated 16 Aug 2022
The sea gull is one of my favourite animals to capture, although their behaviour is erratic, unpredictable and sometimes brutal. All of them have been shot (animals have not been hurt or harmed in any way) in the ICM technique.



Cow hide

Published 27 Oct 2023
Quite willing to pose, as they were already dead. Cruel, I know. That's life. Sick joke. Sorry.



King Frog

Published 12 Aug 2009, upadted 1 Nov 2023
About frogs, hedgehog, chickens and snails ...