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Beaches, sand between your toes, extinct volcanoes, arid landscape, surfers' community, pure. Reminiscences of a few weeks in winter.

Piedra playa

Two minutes before touchdown.

--- 28 Nov 2021, nr Puerto del Rosario (E)) ---

Surfers at El Cotillo

First light

--- 13 Dec 2021, La Lajita (E)) 👁 more icm ---

Electric Ladyland

El Cotillo

Lovely tiny harbour. Owing to a lovely Spanish couple (send me a mail if you want your picture), the port master let me in and I could do some shooting.

--- 19 Dec 2021, El Cotillo (E) ---

El Cotillo

El Cotillo

El Cotillo

El Cotillo

The Fisherman

Slow rollers

--- Playa la Jaqueta (E)) ---



Celebrated my birthday in a quaint village that used to be the former capital to Fuerteventura, having the Iglesia Catedral de Santa Maria de Betancuria as its centre. Exposure of the ICM: 1/6 sec at F22 @ 35 mm.

--- 28 Dec 2021, Betancuria (E) ---



El Cotillo

--- 10 Jan 2022, El Cotillo (E) ---

Fishermen at El Cotillo
Corralejo surfers

Corralejo surfers

Along the coastline (1)

'I don't think I am going to like this'.

--- 30 Dec 2021, Corralejo (E) ---

Den Treek

Happy New Year

This is a light ornament in the shape of an igloo for Xmas on the village square, I used a zoom burst and turned the camera at the same time. So thankfully no firecrackers and bazooka bangs, all very silent 😉.

--- 1 Jan 2022, La Lajita (E) ---



In the strait between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura it's a joy to see so many experienced surfers at work conquering the big waves.

--- 26 Dec 2021, Corralejo (E) ---


Surfing girl


Yes, from time to time I try to make sharp pictures too. This one as the colour struck me at once. No, the window of this century old house is not completely straight. Nothing is.

--- 9 Dec 2021, Las Playitas (E) ---


Last light II

--- 13 Dec 2021, La Lajita (E) ---



As if glued to the closest waves, these pulvars were racing to and fro and picking up the tiniest edible things. Exposure of most of them 1/20 sec at F/8 @ 300 mm, 1/10 sec at F/19 @ 300 mm.

--- 13 Dec 2021, Mal Nombre (E) 👁 more icm ---





Last light

A sunset, shot between the sand dunes. Exposure 3 sec, F/27 @ 140 mm.

--- 12 Dec 2021, El Salmo (E) 👁 more icm ---

Sunset La Lajita


Using heavy backlighting, I tried to get an abstracted view of the ocean nearby. I think there is a croc in the top one. Exposure 0,5 sec at F/45 @ 300 mm.

--- 12 Dec 2021, La Lajita (E) ---

La Lajita

La Lajita

First light

First thing I saw having got out of bed.

--- 9 Dec 2021, La Lajita (E) ---


Felices fiestas

For Xmas and New Year the main square of this quaint fishing village has a light sculpture that I played around with, and turned it into a Euro sign. Hoping that restaurants such as Rámon will be supported by the government in these hard times, because they deserve it.

--- 17 Dec 2021, La Lajita (E) ---

FFN 2021

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