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Identified flying objects

No, I am not a wildlife photographer, my longest lens is currently a 300mm and that's far too short for serious long-range shots. But I'll shoot what comes on my path (don't take me wrong here). Nevertheless, if you scroll down this page you'll come across human imitation s and ... an attempted murder. I warned you.

Birds of prey

In the air or right in front of my camera most impressive, thanks to the attendants of Oasis Wildlife Park in Fuerteventura who were allowing me getting a bit closer.

--- 15 Dec 2021 & 8 Dec 2022, La Lajita (E) ---

Kasteel Ruurlo


As if glued to the closest waves, these pulvars were racing to and fro and picking up the tiniest edible things. Exposure of most of them 1/20 sec at F/8 @ 300 mm, 1/10 sec at F/19 @ 300 mm.

--- 13 Dec 2021, Mal Nombre (E) 👁 more icm ---






This creature might actually fit into a subcategory, info's, identified non-flying objects. I shot it through a very dirty plastic window pane, and sent it in for a photo contest, subject 'animals'.

--- 14 June 2021, Est (NL) ---

Firstborn in a nest of blackbirds

Human imitation

It looks like a giant buttefly, this hang glider approaching the beach at Playa La Garita, Lanzarote.

--- 10 Jan 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Hang glider

Come, fly away with me

It was this jazz tradional that came to my mind when I was following this gull that was scavenging for something edible.

--- 28 Dec 2020, Playa Quemada (E) 👁 more gulls ---

Gull looking for food at Playa Quemada


When I was young (☺), I played Jethro Tull a lot. It's a folk rock band and Ian Anderson is the star of the show. He plays the flute and does that ... standing on one leg. I found this beauty near the beach of Caletón Blanco on Lanzarote.

--- 30 Dec 2018, Órzola (E) ---

Asparagus field near Giersbergen

Long-tail tits

You won't see them for a year, and suddenly there's ten of them attacking the food making a lot of noise. But they're quite orderly, there's no fighting.

--- 23 Jan 2009, Est (NL) ---

Tail tits in our garden on a bird feeder

The King

The Monarch butterfly is quite large and they're quite common in warmer climates. This one I saw in the garden of a house we'd rented in Andalusia.

--- 19 Oct 2008, Villanueva de la Concepción (E) ---

Monarch butterfly on bougainvillae

The page

The cabbage butterfly is a lot smaller than the monarch above and it's the first one we normally see in our garden. What strikes me is that at the beginning of the summer they are extremely nervous, darting around and nearly impossible to capture because of their Formula 1-pitstops. A few months later they just stay where they are undisturbed and let you do your thing. Lazy bones.

--- 19 Sep 2009, Est (NL) ---

Cabbage butterfly on Verbena


Spring was early and warm in 2018, we've got a number of Buddleja's in our garden that were already flowering. The common name is 'butterfly bush'. Here's why. An atalanta is refuelling and a cabbage butterfly is on its way.

--- 13 May 2018, Est (NL) ---

Atalanta butterfly on Buddleja

Ferocious name

If you're called a dragonfly, you might have been asked for the Game of Thrones. Until you see it. It's lovely and looks extremely fragile. Not fit for fighting.

--- 20 Jul 2010, Est (NL) ---


So close

Sometimes a good shot is coincidence. I heard something behind me, turned around, saw a big bird fly up, and aimed ... single shot. Pure luck. Not the faintest what it's called. Mail me if you know.

--- 27 Dec 2017, Tabayesco (E) ---

Large white bird Lanzarote

Long-eared owl

For years we had several long-eared owls in the beech in our garden. They were our pride. One warm summer evening we counted nine of them leave the tree to go hunting in the blue hour. The beech was a safe haven for them, until we decided the tree had to go as it had grown bigger than our garden and our neighbour's together. Shame. Evidently they missed it too, one of them keeps coming back to the pear tree in autumn. Just look at its claws.

--- 10 Nov 2019, Est (NL) ---

Long-eared owl in pear tree in autumn

Little bugger

Nearly impossible to catch in midflight, this hoverfly, because of its size (approx 1 centimetre) and flight behaviour. 'Meep Meep' Roadrunner is a slowcoach compared with this creature on steroids.

--- 9 Apr 2020, Est (NL) ---

Hoverfly in midflight

Nosy Parker

This redbreast should actually be catalogued under 'identied nosy objects'. Not shy at all, if you're working in the garden it accompanies you, waiting for something edible popping up.

--- 1 March 2009, Est (NL) ---

Redbreast in the garden

Not for sensitive souls

Lots of noise outside my office when I noticed a sparrowhawk had started to have lunch on a pigeon. It's not a pretty sight, I realise. I had to reach into my bag and put my telephoto lens on the camera, in the meantime he was happily removing some feathers. I got two shots. He must have heard the clicking, looked up and flew away. To my surprise, the same went for the pigeon. He never said 'thank you'.

--- 11 Sep 2008, Est (NL) ---

Sparrowhawk having lunch on a pigeon

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