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Land­scapes and wood­lands

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Canary Is­lands I


Published 1 Nov 2023
Impressions of La Palma and Tenerife.

Olive trees


Age old olive tree in an olive grove Mallorca

Published 1 Nov 2023
Olive trees, captured in Sicily and Mallorca, that look as if they have been designed for 'Lord of the Rings'.



Dead tree nature area Loonse en Drunense Duinen

Updated 4 Apr 2024
Impressions in different styles.

From above


Approaching Madeira Funchal airport

Published 1 Nov 2023
No, I don't have a drone, although I'm on a saving up policy. These shots were taken from a plane or from a very high standpoint.


Monochrome stills

Plane trees at road through Guatiza and Teguise Lanzarote

Updated 4 Apr 2024
Mainly shot early in the morning or late in the afternoon on one of the Sotavento beaches, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

From the shoe­box


Deelerwoud colour slides

Updated 11 Nov 2023
Created on 2 Apr 1975 ... Correct. I used 400 ASA Ektachrome slide film with its characteristic colour and grain in two Canon AE1-bodies. So we are talking analogue photography here. In this private (yes, I had permission) and secluded part of the Veluwe in the Netherlands, Deelerwoud, there are hardly any paths. Just the tracks the animals create and use. My two hosts and then girl-friend kindly helped me carry my kit including the heavy tripod. The slides have faded unfortunately, which doesn't keep me from cherishing these pictures. They are the oldest in this website, and the occasion was unique and special.

† Cor (1991) † Marrie (2014)



Active mill at the Steendert near Est

Published 1 Nov 2023
The Betuwe area, the fruit barn situated between the big rivers such as Waal, Rhine and Meuse, has many country roads that are lined with trees. Partly there to break the wind, partly to indicate where the roads take a bend or end up at a T-crossing.
👁 more Betuwe trees



Sunset at Coast Calma

Updated 14 Jan 2024
Sunsets and/or sunrises always have the danger of becoming cliche shots. I used different techniques and approaches in an attempt to avoid that.

Zeegser Duinen


Lone tree Zeegser Duinen Drenthe

Updated 14 Nov 2023
Zeegser Duinen is a nature reserve in the north east of the Netherlands. I tend to go there once a year.



Las Grietas slope Montana Blanca cracks lava

Updated 16 Jan 2024
At this Las Grietas site you can see how the slope of the Montaña Blanca volcano has cracked, exposing the layers of lava from the different eruptions that it has experienced over the years.



Nature highlights Lanzarote Canary Islands Landscapes

Updated 11 Apr 2024
Impressions of the landscapes of the Canary island of Lanzarote.
👁 more on Las Greitas
👁 more on Timanfaya

Extinct volca­noes


Volcanic crater Timanfaya National Parque

Published 1 Nov 2023
This relatively small area in the south west of Lanzarote belongs to the most impressive landscapes in the Canary Islands. Nearly 300 years ago, in a few weeks' time, the island was expanded by a third because of continuous eruptions of lava that swallowed compete villages on its way. The colours were created by chemical processes, and still, roughly 200 years after the last eruption, there's nothing that will grow here. NASA uses a secret spot to train their astronauts. The area is called Parque Nacional de Timanfaya and is now UNESCOheritage.
👁 more volcanic landscapes

Tree tex­tures


Shavings from palms and banana trees

Updated 29 Nov 2023
Barks of trees. If you are equally sensitive to pareidolia as I am, this is fun. At the end of this slideshow you will come across a couple of potentials.

Canary is­lands II

2 east­ern islands

Pine woord in the north of Gran Canaria

Updated 15 Jan 2024
Impressions of the landscapes of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.
👁 towns and villages



Viewpoint looking down at Calheta Madeira

Published 5 Nov 2023
When I turned 60 we decided to visit Madeira in May, a rough and lovely island.