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Lanzarote (ICM)

This abbreviation stands for Intentional Camera Movement. It aims to paint with light and shapes by moving the camera whilst using long shutter speeds. It's a way of creating abstract images. The ones below are single exposures, meaning they are straight from the camera and not post-processed. Disclaimer: unless stated otherwise ☺. One more thing, I have included the technical details should you be interested.

Volcanic landscape

A grey sky subdued the colours of this image. The white shapes look like a flock of sheep, but they're houses in the shape of the movement I made. Shutter speed 1/8 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, full frame, unfinished circular movement.

--- 11 Jan 2021, Guatiza (E) 👁 more lanzarote ---

ICM image of Mala with volcanic backdrop

Volcanic landscape (2)

Especially when the sun is on and off, you get great contrasts in the volcanic colours. But today was cloudy and the shades get even more subtle. The ICM makes the village look like little sailboats. Shutter speed 1/15 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, unfinished circular movement.

--- 10 Jan 2021, Mala (E) 👁 more lanzarote ---

ICM image of Mala with volcanic backdrop

Volcanic landscape (3)

Near Mala there's a ridge of volcans with colours that are even captivating in the rain. I shot this from the car with my side window open and got wet nevertheless. Shutter speed 1/6 sec, F/45, 260 mm, ISO200, wavy movement.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Mala (E) ---

Volcanic hills near Mala

Stormy weather

Election Day. This boat needs a capable pilot that leads it to quieter waters. Single Exposure, 1/10 sec, F/32, 300 mm, ISO200, IS disabled, handheld. Full frame, I added a bit of water to the left to give the boat some more space.

--- 3 Jan 2021, Arrecife ---

Boat in San Gines Lagoon at Arrecife

Flying low

The waves are lovely here. Shutter speed 1/10 sec, F/22, 70-300mm @ 300 mm, ISO200, movement top right to bottom left.

--- 28 Dec 2020, Playa Quemada (E) 👁 more gulls ---

Landing gull among rocks and weeds

Twin trees

Municipality parks on Lanzarote don't have grass but lava gravel. Must be a maintenance matter. Or lack of water. Anyway, two white barks against a brown backdrop make a nice sight. They remind me of a white mare's legs. Shutter speed 0,5 sec, F/27, 79 mm, ISO200, upward movement with a slight twist.

--- 28 Dec 2020, Tías (E) ---

Two white trees brown background

Arrieta beach

Nice beach to go for a short walk after a healthy dish at the fish restaurant, and smell the water. There shouldn't be any dogs here unless on the leash, but nobody cares. Shutter speed 0,6 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, jittery movement moving to the right.

--- 7 Feb 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Arrieta beach

Arrieta beach

At the same time, waves can be crashing in with enormous energy at La Garita. Shutter speed 1/6 sec, F/45, 300 mm, ISO200, jittery centered movement.

--- 7 Feb 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Arrieta beach

When the waves have gone back

The beach is sleeping. 1/6 sec at F/45 @ 300 mm.

--- 7 Feb 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Arrieta beach

Surf school

Lots of hustle and bustle at Famara beach with these surf schools. I tried to get the light that I admire in so many beach paintings from previous centuries. 1/8 sec, F/32, 70 mm, ISO200, horizontal movement from L to R, single shot, contrast was upped a little to create darker parts.

--- 21 Dec 2020, Famara (E) ---

Ash-tree ICM


There he goes, a poodle that's afraid of the water under his right arm and a greyhound on a leash on the other side, the Dogman. Gosh, suppose he lets this greyhound go, I thought. At that very moment he stooped and unleashed it. OK: on a narrow beach capturing a running greyhound is a mission impossible. So I have to make do with this one. 1/10 sec, F/22, 105 mm, ISO200, horizontal movement from L to R, single shot, no post-processing.

--- 14 Dec 2020, Arrieta (E) 👁 more iqos ---

ICM of man walking a dog on the beach

Palm leaf

There's a group of palms nearby with striking grey/bluish leaves that look like circular saws. I added a bit of teal to the blue bits, but as for the rest: straight from the camera. Single shot, 1/10 sec at F/22 at 300 mm focal length.

--- 19 Dec 2020, Mala (E) 👁 more subtropical vegetation ---

Palm leaf ICM



--- 15 Dec 2020, Guatiza (E) ---






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