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Great city, quaint, picturesque, historical (the background picture is not representative, that was our hotel), lively and full of culture. Having used this outing to try out my AvgCamPro app, I came back with 2,000 images all in all on my phone and camera, although it was just a short weekend trip.


Multiple exposures taken in London on iPhone, from arrival at St Pancras International Train Station to visits to the National Gallery and Tate Modern.

--- 24-28 Feb 2023, London (UK) ---

Tate Modern

Utterly impressive building within walking distance from our hotel. Apart from the regular exhibitions at Tate Modern we visited the special on Cézanne.

--- 25 Feb 2023, London (NL) 👁 more museums ---

National Gallery

Using a new app on my phone with which could 'smear' the high tones, looking promising on my screen, once back home the results I saw on my large screen were ... ehhh .. mixed ... ehhh ... dfferent. Decide for yourself.

--- 27 Feb 2023, London (NL) 👁 more museums ---