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Minimalism is about trying to get to the bottom of an object, stripping what can be missed, allpying negative space. Using ICM might therefore be ambiguous: on the one hand, sparse clean lines get blurred, which you don't want, on the other hand, more details are lost, which is the purpose of the minimalist approach.

Lee Lozano

Slide is a recently acquired work by Kunstmuseum Den Haag, created by American avant-garde artist Lee Lozano. This image is a multiple exposure, one still and one ICM blended. Exposure ICM 1,5 sec, F/11 at 70 mm, movement from L to R following.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) ---

Lee Lozano Kunstmuseum Den Haag


A Syrian artist was shown in a video talking about the importance and the use of a food bowl that was on display. Families eat from the same bowl to emphasise and acknowldge their relation. The signs he used to illustrate his version of the bowl and which I have interpreted, had been put on the wall lifesize.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) ---

Calligraphy Kunstmuseum Den Haag


Shot on the landing on the first floor of Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Exposure 1/8 sec, F/11 at 105 mm, movement from L to R following the banister.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) ---

Stairs Kunstmuseum Den Haag


On a hazy and humid day, the tones of the sky matched the water of the IJsselmeer. Exposure 1/8 sec, F/11 at 200 mm.

--- 3 July 2021, Hindeloopen (NL) ---

Sailboats on IJsselmeer

Sailboats on IJsselmeer

Sailboats on IJsselmeer


Line of trees in front of our house, movement straight upwards. Exposure 1,5 sec @ F/22 at 105 mm, 6-stopper.

--- 23 May 2021, Est (NL) ---

Row of trees

Shadow play

Two bungalows, a wall and the sun casting shadows on a wall. Exposure 12/0 sec @ F/38 at 176 mm.

--- 7 Jan 2021, Mala (E) ---

Shadow play on a wall

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