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Trying to get to the bottom of an object, leaving out what can be missed, creating a clean image that might even become abstract. Who cares, as long as it is pleasing to the eye. That is my objective.


Minimalist bench, not meant as an art object but to be used by visitors of Kröller-Muller Museum in the Veluwe.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more minimalism ---


Supply tank

There are many greeneries in the area we live, and what I appreciate is that they always try to make their technical appliances less conspicous by blending it in with the direct surroundings.

--- 9 June 2021, Est (NL) ---

Technical appliance

Like a bird on the wire

Apologies to Leonard, but this was the view from the house I'd rented the moment I opened the curtains. It seemed like it were the same birds sitting on more or less the same spot every morning.

--- 26 Dec 2020, Coníl (E) ---

Birds on a telephone wire

Naked tree

No idea if this tree will ever get any foliage at all, but in the weeks I could follow it I didn't see any changes in its stark skeleton.

--- 17 Jan 2021, Teguise (E) ---

Naked tree

Arrieta beach

For me this image means holiday. The day we'd landed at Lanzarote we went for lunch on the boulevard and took a stroll along the beach. Ankle deep through the water of the ocean, feeling the sharp lava sand between your toes and realising there are lots days ahead of you of getting up late, reading, visiting villages or museums, having lunch on the boulevard or taking long walks.

--- 18 December 2018, Arrieta ---

Asparagus field near Giersbergen

When the waves have gone back

... the beach is sleeping.

--- 7 Feb 2021, Arrieta (E) ---

Arrieta beach

Grab a chair

Not really meant for the visitors but for the wardens only. Prado isn't that generous with facilities.

--- 28 Sep 2019, Madrid (E) ---

Chair for warden at Prado Madrid

Double opportunities

To reach the top floor of De Fundatie (from which there is a terrific view over the city), there is only one staircase. A bit modest I thought.

--- 13 Apr 2019, Zwolle ---

Stairs at De Fundatie

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