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Focus on shape. Colour contrasts don't count and creating shades of grey does. More than 50, by the way. Not funny, I know.


Seen at Kunsthal in Rotterdam, beautiful design..

--- 15 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Ficus Macrophylla Valencia

Erasmus Bridge

From whatever side you look at it, the proportions and shape of Erasmus bridge are just right. Quite inspirational.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 monochrome ---

Erasmus Bridge


Apartment block boarding the river Meuse, massive, expensive but with great views.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Apartment block

Etch by Jopie Huisman

Painstakingly sharp is this etch of a natural pond surrounded by reeds, which Huisman had printed over and over again to gain more detail. And now I made an ICM of it ... I apologise sincerely. Exposure 0,7 sec, F/4,5, ISO200.

--- 3 July 2021, Workum (NL) 👁 more icm ---

ICM of etch by Jopie Huisman

The curtains have opened

We're glad the museums have opened up again. These curtains separate the various decades of Salvador Dali's work.

--- 25 June 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) ---

Noordbrabants Museum



--- 21 Apr 2021, Est (NL) ---

View on the ocean from the beach at Tazacorte


Subtropical plant with an utterly intriguing texture and shape. Its natural colour is also subtle, in this case I decided to bring it back to its basis.

--- 26 Dec 2019, Conil (E) lanzarote ---

View on the ocean from the beach at Tazacorte

Charcoal impression

The trees alongside the street where we live still look a bit lifeless, especially on a bland day like today. It's an ICM image of 6 seconds, F/32.

--- 23 Mar 2021, Est (NL) 👁 more icm ---

View on the ocean from the beach at Tazacorte

Coarse coast line

A bit further from the surfspot at Famara beach where it is hot and happening, there's Playa San Juan. Mostly deserted and offering a stunnning view on the unknown islands of Montaña Clara, Alegranza and La Graciosa.

--- 13 Jan 2020, Playa San Juan (E) 👁 more lanzarote ---

Asparagus field near Giersbergen


At the very tip of Jávea's port, Costa Blanca, there was a restaurant with its terrace only separated from the Mediterranean by a wall. We had a lovely lunch. Great to watch the sea go wild here, which it had obviously done the year before when a freak wave completely demolished the restaurant. The spot is unique so it was rebuilt, and guess what happened in the autumn of that year ... it is off the map.

--- 23 Apr 2017, Jávea (E) ---

Medittaranean at Denia

Arrecife harbour

It's a simple image but I love the greys in it. I was also lucky that the sun came through for just a second. It gives the waves some texture.

--- 26 Dec 2019, Arrecife (E) ---

Arrecife harbour

Playa La Rajita

You would go there, if only for its name. Bit of a small beach, really, I didn't expect much of it, especially on a cloudy day. But look at these volcanic rocks. Fortunately it was completely deserted. Seems a fave spot for naturists.

--- 30 Dec 2014, El Médano (E) 👁 more tenerife ---

Playa La Rajita El Mëdano Tenerife

Volcanic landscape

Although the lilac, purple and beige colours are unique to this mountain ridge, converted to monochrome the shapes and shades come to the fore.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Mala (E) ---

Crashing waves at Playa de la Garita

Favourite theme

Sand, water, barks, I know: they are my favourite themes. It's the rythm and the texture that make images such as these appeal to me.

--- 18 Dec 2019, Famara (E) 👁 more sand patterns ---

Sand pattern at Famara beach

Giant beetle

The brilliant idea behind this Calatrava creation is that close by, you get the idea you're looking at a gargantuan ladybird. Once you zoom out, which you can do if you go one level up, you see it is the head of a whale whereas a building behind it presents its carcass and the bridge behind that one makes the tail. Breathtaking. For a coloured specimen see the eye below.

--- 9 May 2008, Valencia (E) 👁 more calatrava ---

Pine trees at Loonse en Drunense Duinen

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