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Arts & culture, one of my favourites. This page concentrates on the museum exteriors and interiors, so not the works of art themselves, abroad or in The Netherlands.


Impressive design by Berlage for Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, now known as Kunstmuseum. Exposure 0,7 sec at F8 @ 70 mm.

--- 03 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) ---

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Spiral staircase

The Castle at Ruurlo was acquired by the Melchers family and fully renovated in 2014 to function as a museum, showing Carel Willink's collected works.

--- 05 Sep 2021, Ruurlo (NL) ---

Kasteel Ruurlo


Seen at Kunsthal in Rotterdam, beautiful design..

--- 15 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Kunsthal stairs

Noordbrabants Museum

The day after the museums opened up again, we were there to be inspired once again by artists such as Descharmes and Van Gogh. The curtains below separated the various decades of Salvador Dali's work.

--- 25 June 2021, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) ---

Noordbrabants Museum

Noordbrabants Museum


Mesmerising. Why is there a ladder right here? Where does it lead to? Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

--- 26 Sep 2020, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Noordbrabants Museum

Swimming pool

Museum Voorlinden has this installation that allows people to walk under a (very shallow) swimming pool. It's a great effect.

--- 27 Feb 2020, Wassenaar (NL) ---

View on the ocean from the beach at Tazacorte


Although less 'eclectic' than the Prado, this private collection of Thyssen (indeed, the manufacturer of elevators among other things) is fascinating. Moreover, the museum is a pleasant place to stay. And you are allowed to take pictures.

--- 28 Sep 2019, Madrid (E) ---

Museum Thyssen Madrid

Museum Thyssen Madrid

Museum Thyssen Madrid


Our summer vacation got delayed, so for the first time in September we were able to go away for a week together. The Prado is 200 years old. Part of the building is packed à la Christo due to a renovation.

--- 27 Sep 2019, Madrid (E) ---


Colourful yarns

Shot with my smartphone at De Fundatie, which shows 🙄. I duplicated the stairs, thus making it lead to nowhere. Well, a stunning view over the city.

--- 13 Apr 2019, Zwolle (NL) ---

De Fundatie


The Gemäldegalerie is part of the Kulturforum and was opened in Berlin in 1998. The lobby is clean and cold at the same time.

--- 22 Apr 2019, Berlijn (D) ---

Gemaelde Galerie Berlijn

Giant beetle

The brilliant idea behind this Calatrava creation is that close by, you get the idea you're looking at a gargantuan ladybird. Once you zoom out, which you can do if you go one level up, you see it is the head of a whale whereas a building behind it presents its carcass and the bridge behind that one makes the tail. Breathtaking. For a coloured specimen see the eye below.

--- 9 May 2008, Valencia (E) 👁 more calatrava ---

Pine trees at Loonse en Drunense Duinen


Even after 20 years when the first building was finished, this part of Valencia where 'the city of arts and sciences' are located, looks futuristic. Follow the link below to the architect to see more.

--- 9 May 2008, Valencia (E) 👁 more calatrava ---


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