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People at an exhibition

Museums. How do people look at art? How do they move? Is there a difference between the way they look at the beginning and at the end of the exhibition? An exercise in ICMs.

Visiting Boijmans-van Beuningen Depot

--- 26 Oct 2022, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more people at an exhibition ---

Weekend trip

We did a trip to Belgium and were inspired by exhibitions, amongst others by Salvador Dalí and Otobong Nkanga.

--- 2 Sep 2022, Bruges (B) 👁 more icm ---


Every time we're in the east of the Netherlands, we'll drop by at Museum More (Museum for Modern Realism) to take a peek at this private collection. All 24 mm, between 1.0 - 2.0 sec @ f/8 - f/22. At the beginning and the end of the slideshow, you'll find composed images of Kasteel Ruurlo, trying my hand at the Pep Ventosa technique.

--- 17 Jul 2022, Gorssel (NL) 👁 more icm ---

A la Campagne

Summer exposition at the Fries Museum showing landscape paintings borrowed from the Rotterdam museum Boymans van Beuningen. All 24 mm, between 1.0 - 2.0 sec @ f/22.

--- 14 Jul 2022, Leeuwarden (NL) 👁 more icm ---

Fabrique des Lumières

Hallucinating combination of innovative digital projection and the art by Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser at unique location near Westergasfabriek. All images 24 mm @ ISO 1600.

--- 26 Jun 2022, Amsterdam (NL) 👁 more icm ---

The Rijks

--- 28 Feb 2022, Amsterdam (NL) ---

Museum De Pont

We visited the opening exhibition by Kara Walker, called A Black Hole is Everything a Star Longs to Be at Museum De Pont. Her graphical work is very difficult to catch in an interpretation, so I tried to register the industrial atmosphere of the building. A self-portrait at the end.

--- 20 Feb 2022, Tilburg (NL) ---

'The discovery of the present time'

Noordbrabants Museum.

--- 21 May 2022, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) ---

'In the Light of Cuyp'

Great exhibition at Dordrecht Museum with paintings by Turner, Callcott, Constable, Gainsborough and of course Albert Cuyp who inspired them. To view the paintings I can only strongly recommend to visit the museum. Went there twice and made ICMs of the visitors.

--- 29 Oct 2021/28 Jan 2022, Dordrecht (NL) ---


What if you're fond of visiting photography exhibitions but you are on your own and extremely short-sighted? This elderly man tried to read the texts that go with the pictures and gave up after some time. Too small. From then on he scrutinised the images at just a couple of inches distance and in his notepad he wrote down the name of the artist which was in bigger print. At home he would look everything up. I can understand why he felt a bit lost.

Artist-photographer Popel Coumou (1978) plays with the most important elements of photography in her work: light, paper and the perception of reality. By lighting her collages of paper, she adds a third dimension to the paper.

--- 3 Oct 2021, Den Haag (NL) ---

De Fundatie

Interesting exhibition at De Fundatie, visited by many students in their first school week.

--- 3 Sep 2021, Zwolle (NL) ---

FFN 2021

Fotofestival Naarden 2021 covered more than 15 locations. This one was situated at a disused garden centre.

--- 25 Aug 2021, Naarden Vesting (NL) ---

FFN 2021


The photo challenge 'Martinus Nijhoff Brug' is a competition for photographers on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this iconic bridge across the river Waal, ending with a much visited exhibition in the beautiful Sint-Maartenskerk.

--- 1 Aug 2021, Zaltbommel (NL) 👁 more people at an exhibition ---

Sint-Maartenskerk Zaltbommel


'Zilte haring, rode kroot', the exhibition was called, Salty herring, red beetroot. Doesn't make much sense as I just picked out a detail for this post, the idea was to connect furniture and food.

--- 15 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---


Museum Voorlinden has this installation that allows people to walk under a (very shallow) swimming pool. It's a great effect.

--- 27 Feb 2020, Wassenaar (NL) ---

View on the ocean from the beach at Tazacorte


Although less 'eclectic' than the Prado, this private collection of Thyssen (indeed, the manufacturer of elevators among other things) is fascinating. Moreover, the museum is a pleasant place to stay. And you are allowed to take pictures.

--- 28 Sep 2019, Madrid (E) ---

Museum Thyssen Madrid

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