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Realism (intro)

Almost all of these images are straight from camera, no blurring in-camera movements and no predominant post-processing. A selection you will find below. Every picture has a link to its dedicated category.


Seen at Kunsthal in Rotterdam, beautiful design.

--- 15 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more monochrome ---

Ficus Macrophylla Valencia


Minimalist bench, not meant as an art object but to be used by visitors of Kröller-Muller Museum in the Veluwe.

--- 7 June 2021, Otterlo (NL) 👁 more minimalism ---



Harbours or more rewarding than ports. The sailboats I came across in marinas are all in good nick and that stands for clean pictures. The water in ports is also murkier and often polluted with oil. It wouldn't be too difficult to fill an entire page with these reflections.

--- 26 Dec 2020, Puerto Calero (E) 👁 more reflections ---

Reflection marina Puerto Calero

Patterns made by wind

Famara is my fave beach in this respect. The east coast is always windy and in spite of the fact that every day the dunes are 'spoilt' by people making shortcuts, the wind sees to it the day after the dunes look pristine again.

--- 23 Dec 2020, Famara (E) 👁 more sand patterns ---

Sand patterns at Famara beach Lanzarote

The elephant

Earlier I must have confided in you, apologies if you read this for the umpteenth time, that I'm one of those people who 'see things' in the bark of trees. For me this image is an elephant, but if you insist it is a whale or a dolphin, I won't hand in a motion of censure.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Lage Vuursche (NL) 👁 more barks ---

Willow in the Betuwe


Detail of a wall at Dordrecht Museum I put a posterise effect on.

--- 27 Sep 2020, Dordrecht (NL) 👁 more textures ---

Beach at Santa Maria de Focallo

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