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A different view on the city I used to live in around 35 years ago. I went back as a tourist and saw how it has changed into a vibrant, modern city full of atmosphere.


Lots of hustle and bustle going on under this impressive ceiling.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (E) ---

Markthal Rotterdam


Planning, designing, building, iconic structures. That's what's happening in Rotterdam, even today two large cranes are at work in the very centre of the city.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 rotterdam in icm ---

Skyline Rotterdam

KPN Corporate Office

At the very edge of De Kop van Zuid, kissing the river Meuse, this is KPN's head quarters, logo and corporate colours to be found back in every aspect.

--- 16 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

De Rotterdam boarding the Meuse river


On my way to Central Station, I came across this 'crumbled' apartment block.

--- 17 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---


For sale

Apartment block boarding the river Meuse, massive, expensive but with great views.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more monochrome ---

Apartment block


There's no escaping De Rotterdam, designen by OMA (Rem Koolhaas). By far this multifunctional building is the most dominant structure at the Kop van Zuid.

--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 rotterdam ---

De Rotterdam


There's no escaping the Cube houses designed by Piet Blom near Rotteram Blaak train station..

--- 17 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more rotterdam ---

Cube houses Piet Blom


This picturesque yacht marina is one of the few parts of the old city that survived the 1940 bombardment of Rotterdam. It has had a remarkable history, amongst others the departure point from which the Pilgrim Fathers sailed for America.

--- 17 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more rotterdam ---

Rotterdam Delfshaven


Central Station

Sideways peep at the train station.

--- 17 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Rotterdam CS


Largest bookstore in town, recently extended and renovated. The builders inherited a beautiful landing on th third floor. .

--- 16 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Donner book store

Apartment blocks


--- 18 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) ---

Apartment blocks


Close to De Meent, where old meets new.

--- 16 July 2021, Rotterdam (NL) 👁 more reflections ---