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Seas, coasts and rivers

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Reflection of a bow in an Amsterdam canal

Updated 12 Nov 2023
Location is actually of no relevance, still, I will mention where I shot these reflections.

The river Waal

Opij­nen (NL)

High water Waaldijk Neerijnen

Published 12 Apr 2020
High water. In January 1995, the situation was so precarious that one of the dykes got undermined and was pushed a metre inland. At another dyke water was sloshing over it. Yet another one developed cracks. At 21.00 hrs 250,000 people were ordered to evacuate that very night. We were among them. A nine-metre high wave was going to roll into the polder if one the dykes would go, they said. The army was called in, divers secured the foot of the dykes with rubber mats and sand bags. Volunteers did an all-nighter to fill up the holes. The dykes held and we were allowed to return five days later.

Coastal sunsets


Sunsets and sunrises

Updated 1 Nov 2023
Although colourwise there is no real difference if you register a sunset in the Dutch province of Zeeland or on the Canary Islands, the background does have a major influence.

The river IJssel

Deven­ter (NL)

Prompt from a drawing by Jan Baggen

Published 1 Nov 2023
A prompt from a drawing by Jan Baggen.


Playa La Ja­queta (E)

Rock texture Playa Jaqueta monochrome

Published 15 Jan 2023
Abstracts of rocks and sand.

On the beach


Fishermen at El Cotillo

Published 18 Jan 2023



San Gines lagoon Arrecife

Published 16 Jan 2023