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Sports and People

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Skater at London South Bank

Updated 14 Dec 2024
At La Oliva and Lajares on the island of Fuerteventura I met a group of fanatic skaters. I tend to look them up whenever I'm around. At the London South Bank I found a different atmosphere, but the same kind of talented artists. They specialised in tricks.

TT circuit


Annual advanced track day at Assen's TT-circuit

Updated 12 Oct 2023
Advanced Track Day by Club Renault Sportives at Assen's TT circuit.

On the beach


El Salmo beach walking person lost in space

Published 14 Jan 2024
Impressions using long shutter times.

At the museum


Pictures at Zeeuws Museum exhibition

Published 15 Aug 2023
In this website, I have not separated my experimental and abstract images from my straight photography. This series was made at Zeeuws Museum using a Slow Shutter app on my iPhone.
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Motocross MCC Geldermalsen

Published 6 Jul 2023
A selection of a motocross shoot in the rain. They are mostly ICMs and there's one still shot.



Surfer Famara beach Lanzarote

Updated 3 Jan 2023
Still shots of surfers at Famara beach and Corralejo.



Mountain biker Lanzarote

Updated 3 Aug 2023
Cyclists, from mountain­bikers to paddlers.



Sincere Costa Calma

Published 17 Jan 2023
I saw a young spiritual looking lady sitting on the sand and typing away on her Apple laptop. She appeared to be a dancer, who, as holistic feminine empowerment coach, blends functional training, spirituality, wellness into dance as an art. She agreed to show a few of her incredibly controlled moves.

Pic­tures at an exhi­bition I


Kunsthal Rotterdam

Updated 14 Feb 2023
ICM images shot at various museums and exhi­bitions.

Villa­ge venue


Village feast La Lajita Fuerteventura

Updated 12 Dec 2023
Annual village festival at La Lajita.

Surfers & kiters II


Surfers Corralejo El Cotillo Fuerteventura Famara Lanzarote

Updated 14 Jan 2024
Surfers at Famara beach, El Cotillo and Corralejo.