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The first time we landed on Tenerife was force majeure. At only seconds before touchdown at La Palma our pilot decided to pull up and choose a less stormy Tenerife South for putting down his plane. When we saw all this concrete and a myriad of high rise hotels, we thought we would never come here again. We were wrong.

Playa de la Tejita

So typical of the south: devoid of trees and plants, completely eroded. Reason is that every piece of wood available was used for shipbuilding one and a half centuries ago, so plants lost their habitat. It's an arid landscape now which has its own beauty. Oh yes, the sky was real, we had to hurry. Lightning? What lightning? ☺

--- 28 Dec 2011, El Médano (E) ---

Near Playa de la Tejita

Playa la Rajita

Not more than a 100 metres wide, but it's raw, rough, silent and deserted. And a bit cloudy at the time.

--- 30 Dec 2014, El Médano (E) ---

Near Playa de la Tejita

Los Abrigos

Close by, this is the place to be for a fish restaurant. A nice boulevard built in the form an arch is keeping the wind away. Lovely place for lunch or dinner.

--- 1 Jan 2013, Los Abrigos (E) ---

Los Abrigos Tenerife


As far as we are concerned, forget the south between Palm-mar and Adeje. From Playa San Juan and further up north things get better and you see the old Tenerife.

--- 2 Jan 2013, Alcalá (E) ---

Harbour at Alcala Tenerife

Steep coast

The more to the north you get, the steeper the coast becomes. So no beaches, which means fewer tourists means more nature. Thuis is a group of cacti balancing over a 300 metre drop.

--- 2 Jan 2013, Los Gigantes (E) ---

Cacti at Los Gigantes


'Los Gigantes' they are called. Impenetrable for pirates, so this region has always been a safe place to be in previous centuries.

--- 2 Jan 2013, Los Gigantes (E) ---

The rocks at Los Gigantes

The sea at Los Gigantes

The green north

It takes you the better part of a day to go from Masca to Buenavista del Norte at the coast, be it only for the extra short buses that nevertheless have to zigzag to negotioate a sharp corner.

--- 2 jan 2013, Masca ---

Approaching the valley at Masca Tenerife


But it is worthwhile, we thought, and the landscape is wild and breathtaking. This is a very different Tenerife.

--- 2 Jan 2013, nr Masca (E) ---

The valley at Masca Tenerife


Quite deep below we suddenly see a glimpse of a village. Garachico is quaint and most probably in summer quite touristy, but in winter it was a lovely place to visit and have lunch.

--- 29 Dec 2012, Garachico (E) ---

Garachico from above


It is no doubt that the volcanic area in the middle of Tenerife, with El Teide as the highest point (3,718 metres) of all of Spain, ranks amongst the highlights of the Canarian archipelago.

--- 22 Dec 2014, Teide (E) ---

El Teide National Park

City beach

Playa Las Teresitas sits close to Santa Cruz, the capital, and is mainly used by locals to relax in the evening after work or in the weekends.

--- 28 Dec 2014, Santa Cruz (E) ---

Playa Las Teresitas Tenerife


Located with its back to the Atlantic Ocean, this is a striking building designed by Santiago Calatrava as home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.

--- 31 Dec 2013, Santa Cruz (E) 👁 more santiago calatrava ---

Auditorio Adán Martin Tenerife

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