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Textures is one of my favourite themes. Just observe at close range e.g. a simple tile in your kitchen or a floorboard in your living room and you start discovering patterns and rythms in textures you have never seen before. Disclaimer: it's addictive. Very.


During Fotofestival FFN 2021 we found these photo canvases that had been damaged by water and put outside ready to be picked up as garbage.

--- 24 Aug 2021, Naarden Vesting (NL) ---


Felted wool

Beautiful textures at the Haute Bourdure exposition at Friese Museum.

--- 5 July 2021, Leeuwarden (NL) 👁 more textures---

Felted wool

Rusty walls

The street next to the town hall is being renovated, these steel structures made sure the foundation was protected.

--- 2 July 2021, Bolsward (NL) 👁 more textures ---

Steel structures


The closer you get, the more details are revealed. .

--- 08 Jun 2021, Kampen ---

Ocean at Playa San Juan near Famara Lanzarote


This is the well-worn concrete path from where the small fishing boats are pushed into the water.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Punta Mujeres (E) 👁 more textures ---

Concrete jetty

Sand pattern

This is Playa La Garita, my favourite beach at Lanzarote when it comes to photogenic qualities: it's got waves, sand, rocks and free graphics after rainfall.

--- 8 Jan 2021, Arrieta (E) 👁 more sandpatterns ---

Sand pattern

On the wall

Rendered useless, the farm door this safety catch is supposed to hold needs no protection any more and has long gone.

--- 24 Feb 2021, Est (NL) ---

Hook or safety catch

On the beach

Deep ochre, that's how the sand at this beach in the south of Sicily can be described. In The Netherlands, you wouldn't think of walking into the sea at the end of October. Here, the temperature is fine.

--- 23 October 2018, Santa Maria de Focallo (I) ---

Beach at Santa Maria de Focallo Sicilia

A hard life

There's a Platanus x hispanica near my favourite coffee bar. It's more than 30 years old and its roots have absolutely nowhere to go: it's asphalt, cobblestones, the expansion of the coffee bar that keeps the rain away from its roots. And it shows. Its bark is a painting.

--- 15 January 2021, Guatiza (E) ---

Platanus x hispanica Guatiza Lanzarote

The farmer

Low early morning light on a rural ruin. A farmer is just getting his gear from the back of his truck. This image consists of an ICM, 1/10 sec at F/45, a copy of this image with different settings in a second layer plus some texture in a third layer. Either you love it or you hate it ☺.

--- 15 January 2021, Haría (E) ---

Farmer at rural ruin

Uncharted continent

It's just a rusty container near one of the greenhouses in our village and not the background for the leader of a series such as Game of Thrones, but I like the colours and the texture. Look at the bears in the right bottom corner going in for the kill.

--- 16 November 2020, Est (NL) ---

Rusty container at Bestpeppers in Est

Rhode Island Red

Which appears to be the name of this hen. Beautiful creature, doesn't make any sound, a star in just sitting there and doin' nothing. Valued and colourful inhabitant of the Kasteeltuin at Neerijnen. This picture is featured in the Textures issue of AbstractAZZI.

--- 4 November 2020, Neerijnen (NL) ---

Rhode Island Red at Kasteeltuin Neerijnen

Artistic talent

Birches are reincarnated artists. I apologise beforehand, but that's the reason this is not the first nor the last birch you will see in my portfolio: I am simply fond of its variety in colour, texture and detail you can discover in its bark.

--- 6 Oct 2020, Zeegse (NL) 👁 bark ---

Birch trees at Drentsche AA


Detail of a wall at Dordrecht Museum I put a posterise effect on.

--- 27 Sep 2020, Dordrecht (NL) ---

Beach at Santa Maria de Focallo

Oriental carpet

This is what my sister-in-law has hanging above her stove. It's Moroccan tapestry, beautifully decorated. I played around with it a bit just to enhance the creativity of this carpet.

--- 28 July 2020, Renkum (NL) ---

Oriental carpet

Oriental carpet revisited (2)

I double-layered these two images just to let its texture stand out. In hindsight I was sorry not to bring my camera: this was captured with my old Samsung S7.

--- 28 July 2020, Renkum (NL) ---

Moroccan tapestry

Autumn colours

This is a sheet of Cor-Ten steel, prone to rust but that's its characteristic. I played around a bit with this smartphone image to enhance the texture, but it remains a Richard Serra creation which he entrusted to nature. Shot at Museum Voorlinden.

--- 27 February 2020, Wassenaar (NL) ---

Abstract interpretation of Corten steel plate installation by Richard Serra

Lava rock

At the Mirador, one of the most spectacular vantage points on the Canary island of Lanzarote overlooking the islet of Graciosa, you just have to look to your right and see this impressive lava wall measuring 500 metres high covered with lychen.

--- 22 Dec 2017, nr Órzola (E) 👁 lanzarote ---

Rock at Mirador Lanzarote

Clean shaven

The house we rented in the south of Gran Canaria was situated in Barranco del Cura, a quite narrow ravine with lots of agaves and other subtropical plants, plus large palms. One of them had just been shaved.

--- 27 December 2016, Mogán (E) 👁 gran canaria ---

Shavings of a palm tree

Rust revisited

I must admit I'm fascinated by rust, because this is another shot of the Richard Serra installation. I made it secretly during a Guggenheim visit with my phone. Naughty boy? Correct. But I had read that Serra doesn't mind at all if abstracts are made of this work. Bad excuse? Perhaps.

--- 5 August 2012, Bilbao (E) 👁 guggenheim---

Detail of installation by Richard Serra

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