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Urban & built-up areas

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Newly built concrete stairs

Published 14 Jan 2023
Cases of staircases from Berlin and Rotterdam to Lissabon and of course the Canary Islands.



Minimal yellow wall

Published 7 Jan 2023
Needs no comment

Open air mu­seum II

Venice (I)

Grand canal Venice Italy Venezia

Published 27 May 2018
Impressions by 2 Venice lovers.

Travel photo­graphy


White villages Andalusia

Published 14 Oct 2022
Visiting the white villages.



Doors Madeira Funchal

Updated 9 Nov 2023
Intriguing subject for me. Either as I want to know what's behind them, or I was taken by textures and colours.

Colour­ful streets


Fuerteventura La Lajita multiple exposure photography

Published 6 Dec 2023
Impressions using multiple exposures or just straight shots.

Open air museum

Bruges (B)

Bruges Belgium multiple exposure photography

Published 8 Sept 2022
Impressions using multiple exposures.

Summer in the city


Utrecht canal

Published 6 Sep 2023, updated 18 Oct
Various multiple exposures using an app on my iPhone while moving. I mostly use a setting of 8 to 16 images. The advantage is you can check the result on the spot. The disadvantage is a pain in the neck: the app produces one single image so you lose control over the individual images.

Rural dwellings

Est (NL)

Farmlet at Estse Omloop at Est Betuwe

Published 14 Jul 2020
Staying close to home in the COVID-19 summer.