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Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Between Hilversum and Baarn sits a quite extensive nature area, part of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug that was formed in the Ice Age. We made a walk at the Kuil van Drakensteyn near Lage Vuursche, and at Bosch en Duin near De Bilt. They're both national nature reserves, part of Staatsbosbeheer.

Fungi galore

My wife turned 60 today, hip hip ..., and instead of Andalusia (cancelled) or a special offer at one of the Bilderberg Hotels (cancelled) or a table at a local restaurant (forced to close up), the partial lockdown that is hitting the Netherlands left us few options. We chose a modestly frequented nature reserve near Drakensteyn for a walk. Fungi and mushrooms were having a field day (well, month) at the woods near Lage Vuursche. We got home early and finished a very, very good bottle of wine.

--- 17 Oct 2020, De Kuil van Drakensteyn ---

Fungi at Lage Vuursche

Phellinus igniarius

Impressive name, impressive colouring. This tree was full of them. The shape reminded me of an elephant's legs.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Lage Vuursche ---

Loonse en Drunense Duinen


One of the walks led to the beechwood. In spite of the distance between the trees, nothing else has a chance to survive. Winner takes it all. Picture by my wife.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Lage Vuursche ---

Kuil van Drakensteyn at Lage Vuursche


Whether it is edible or not I don't know, one fungus species is called the 'vomit russula'. So we let it be. This russula certainly lives a lonesome life in this wood. Picture by my wife.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Lage Vuursche ---

Pine trees at Loonse en Drunense Duinen

Especially arranged

Sometimes people take all sorts of leaves, pineapples and what have you with them to create a tableau back home. This one was all set, ready to be captured. Thank you to all the elves and gnomes who had assisted.

--- 17 Oct 2020, Lage Vuursche ---

Autum tableau at Lage Vuursche

Going for a walk at De Bilt

Tomorrow the autumn holidays begin. The first part of the wood was nevertheless a bit too busy to our liking. So we walked on and entered the part where dogs are to be kept on a leash: it's always quieter there.

--- 16 Oct 2020, De Bilt ---

Bosch en Duin at De Bilt

Bosch en Duin

My mother used to live 200 metres from here. We tried to encourage her to cross the street and go for a walk in this beautiful woodland, and we often promised each other to do exactly that before of after a visit to her apartment. We did it ... only once. Today we made up for that. Picture by my wife.

--- 16 Oct 2020, De Bilt ---

Autumn scene at Bosch en Duin

On second thoughts

That is what happened to this toadstool: beding over and then stretching up. I put a bit of haze over it and slightly prioritised the brown. Again a picture by my wife.

--- 16 Oct 2020, De Bilt ---

Toadstool at Bosch en Duin